Course Delivery Options

Courses are created as reusable resources in EduBrite. And then they get delivered using one of the following methods:


Delivery without Course Session

This is the simplest and quickest way to share/deliver courses. Read more about this in Previewable Courses

Delivery with Course Session

Course sessions allow you to deliver courses in a controlled manner. You can track participants' progress, create blended or instructor-led delivery for the course and provide assignments and collaboration space to all the members of the course session. Course sessions are great for repeated execution of the same course for different batches of trainees or students. But there are a few extra steps required to make your course ready for a batch of trainees. Read more about course session creation and related topics here.


Delivery as Program

Multiple courses can be combined to create bundled offerings which are called programs in EduBrite. Read more about Programs here.