Trainee Progress in Course Session

You can monitor all the details about every trainee in a course session. Every lesson is tracked for how many pages someone has read, how many quizzes they attempted, and their scores, Scorm package attempts etc. An overall progress % is also shown besides Top learners information on course session details page, and detailed activity tracking details.

Tracking Summary

Summary is available on the course session details page, it shows number of started, not started and awarded (completed) trainees.

Summary from the Members listing

Course session's members listing page shows brief stats about each learner in the session. Filters on left side can used to find learners based on time rage and completion status. Completion status Awarded represents learners who have completed the course. Completion status In Progress represents learners who have either not started or started but not completed the course.


Clicking on  shows brief stats about each learner in the session, Completion status link in info opens a quick snapshot of course with all completed items checked 

Clicking on any learner's name will open the detailed view of learner's transcript in the session. You can also view drop down of other course sessions the learner is enrolled in, and select a different session to open transcript in that session. Transcript page shows all tests, surveys, scorm modules and lessons which are taken by the learner.

Transcript - Test attempts tab -