Sub Groups in Course Sessions

Learners in a course session can be divided into different sub groups. To create sub groups, just click on New sub group link in the course session details, and create a group just like you would do when creating a group outside of course session.

The only difference now is, the newly created group would be created as a sub group linked to the course session. You can add selected learners to the group by going to the Members tab of the sub group. All subgroups in a course session are listed on the course session details page. You can also filter the course session members by sub groups.


Sub Groups provide a lot of additional flexibility when you have to deliver contact based programs or when you have to provide smaller team centric learning environment for collaborative learning.

  • Collaboration in smaller teams: Sub Groups can be used for collaboration among sub set of learners who are part of a team. They can use forum, polls and resource sharing within sub groups.
  • Restricting access to a module or topic for a subgroup: In a course session, each module or topic can be activated or inactivated, besides setting up the Start and End dates.
  • Sub groups feature allows another level of flexibility as now each module or topic can be revoked from one or more sub groups in a course session. If module access is revoked for a user/groups - Users or group members will not get access even during module scheduled period
  • Grant access users/groups - Users or group members get module access beyond module schedules period (module status should be active for giving access beyond scheduled period)





  • Creating assignments for specific sub groups: Assignment can be assigned to selected learners, or to all learners from specific sub groups. Once you create and activate an assignment, click on Assign to Learners button to select the users or sub groups.