Program Creation

A program is a collection of courses, grouped as a single unit for delivery. Before creating a program, first, create the courses which you want to add to the program and authorize them to the group where you would like to create the program. Once this is done, you can begin by following these steps:

Step 1

  • Open the Programs list from Course->Programs menu, and click on Create Program, then select the specific group from the drop-down OR go to the particular group and open the Programs tab for that group, and click on Create Program.

  • Enter the program details (name, code, description).

  • Group - you can open the create program screen directly from the menu or from within the Program tab of a group. If you use the menu, then you will be required to select a group where you want to create the program in. The group drop-down shows all the groups for which you have admin or instructor role.

  • Program type - If creating a standalone program select any program type except 'program bundle' as that's used for creating program bundle by adding multiple programs. 

    • On the learner's program member page, two sections are presented: 'enrolled sessions' and 'not enrolled course session'. Enrolled Sessions - lists course sessions in which the user is enrolled corresponding to the courses part of the program. The second section presents the user's not enrolled sessions list for the courses that are part of the program but the user is not yet enrolled either because the course is set as 'Elected by' or there is no linked course session for the user's enrolled program session. In this section, available course sessions are presented. 

    • 'Not enrolled sessions' section is presented only for a few types of programs (Assessment/ Certification/ Training/Other). For other types of programs (Instructor-Led Training/ Self Paced Training/K12 Class) the second section is not presented. 

  • Select Membership Criteria ( All / Group members / Authorized Group's Members), Membership Criteria is used to show the filtered list in the catalog based on the user's group membership. Course Catalog shows only paid program sessions unless the catalog settings 'Show items of all access types' is enabled. If this setting is enabled, then the catalog also shows items with Open access type. But visibility of Open items is restricted for group members only.

    • All - sessions these programs will be visible to all users in the catalog (including non-authenticated users) if their program session is created with a Paid access type.

    • Group Members - sessions of these programs will be visible to only active members of the same group, if their access type is Open or Paid. 

    • Authorized Group's Members - sessions for these programs will be visible to only members of explicitly authorized groups if their access type is Open or Paid. This setting also filters out any program-sessions when

      • a group admin is enrolling the user or group in program-session, and user is not a member of one of the authorized groups,

      • a group admin is enrolling their group into program sessions and this group is not authorized to program

  • Select a certificate template (if any custom templates exist), or choose No certificate in case you don't want to generate certificate at the end of the program

  • Other fields

    • Min Credit: allows you to define the minimum number of credits needed to get the program completion status. Min credits should be less than total credits (sum of all course's credits)

    • Pre-Requisite: allows specifying a program dependency by adding another program as the pre-requisite for this program. Users can take this program after completing the program specified as the prerequisite for this program.

    • Auto Award Program: By default, the auto award is enabled and the program gets marked completed once the user completes all mandatory courses and earns the minimum required credits. If the program completion will be controlled manually by admins, then this setting can be disabled.

    • No Certificate : Setting to disable certificate availabiltiy upon program completion.

    • Reminder Days before End: comma-separated list of days on which reminder needs to be sent to program members (learners) for completion of the program.

    • Enable Enrollment Notification: select this checkbox, to trigger email notifications to learners when they become a program's member

    • Enable Completion Notification: select this checkbox, to trigger email notifications to learners when they complete program

    • Badge: Enable badging if want to award a badge upon program completion.

    • Logo - program logo to show in the catalog list.

The program edit page provides two additional tabs: courses, and version.

  • Courses tab allows adding/removing of the program's courses 
  • The version tab provides the program version history (when and who had updated this program).

Step 2

Once saved, click on the Add Course button to add courses in the program.  -

  • Choose courses from the left panel and add to the right panel in the selected courses list. Multiple courses can be added.

  • Membership Criteria - All ( default) / Group members/program members). It controls who can join the course session (all site users/ Group members only/ program member only). 

  • Enrollment Type - (Auto Assigned (default) / ElectedByUser ) If Group level AutoEnrollment to the program is turned on, User will be added to active program sessions. Upon enrollment to program session user will be auto-enrolled to course sessions based on enrollment type. Course Sessions with enrollment type as ElectedBy user wouldn't be auto-enrolled.

  • Course Dependency (Pre-requisites)

    Courses in a program can have a pre-requisite relation between them. Selecting the pre-requisite option creates courses dependency using the order specified while adding the courses. Course order is set in the right panel, to change order select the course and use the Up/Down icon.  [Students can't launch the courses for which they have not yet completed the pre-requisite.]

Edit Course properties :

After adding all the courses, an individual course's property can be edited.

Course properties - Prerequisite, Credits, Optional (By default all courses are added as Mandatory) can be updated.

A heading can be added to group multiple courses as a section. The heading will appear above this course on the program details page.

Step 3

After you have added the courses and specified credits for them, you can specify the minimum credits required to complete the program (and optionally award the certificate). The total credits available in the program are auto-calculated by summing up all the credits of all individual courses.

Add a logo image that will appear on the catalog page.

Enable Badge and link badge image is needed.


Programs with restricted visibility

If you have created a program with the membership criteria set to Authorized Group's Members, then, upon save, you will be able to add the authorized groups for the program.

Goto Authorized Groups tab

Click Add Groups and select the groups from the dialog. You will see the groups that are descendants of the group where the program is created. You can select from any descendants or select from all groups where you have the admin or instructor role.

Once you select the groups, you can see them added to the authorized group's list.


Creating a program session for program delivery

Refer to KB - Program session creation to make program available for delivery