Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can be used to monetize Course Session, Program Session or Events if the access type for them is set to Paid. Coupon codes can be tied to a specific course session, program session or event (which can not be used across items), or can be global for a microsite (can be used for any available course session, program session or event). Using coupon, one can implement variable pricing schemes for the courses, programs or events for different groups of users. EduBrite also provides automatic free access codes which are internally used by the system to allow some group of users to bypass the payment process (show the enroll button instead of buy button in the catalog).


 Product Type    Coupon Validity 
 Course Session Level  Coupon

 Coupon is valid only for associated course session (CS is paid)

 Program Session level  coupon

Coupon is valid only for associated program session (PS is paid). 

Coupon can be used for PS's linked course sessions (if course sessions are paid)

 Event level Coupon 

Coupon is valid only for associated event (event is paid)

 Group level Coupon is valid for associated group's all items CS/PS/Events 
 Site Level Coupon

Coupon is valid for site's all paid items [ CS/PS/Event] ,only not valid for items those are excluded from global coupon code 


Coupon Type 

 Type  Explanation
 Full Value                                   Full value coupon means nothing will be charged.
 Discount %         Discount percentage is specified and remaining amount will be charged. e.g. When a user uses a 10% discount coupon, 90% price user has to pay. 
 Discount  Amount  A fixed discount amount will be applied on each use, say $20 discount coupon. For each seat coupon provides up to $20 discount. 
 Total Value A fixed amount coupon, that can be used in multiple transaction and each transaction coupon value reduces by the amount used in the transaction. If coupon's remaining amount is not sufficient for item's price, user need to pay remaining amount.


Creating Coupon Codes for Course Session 

Codes created for course session can be used for individual paid events inside the course session.

  • On the course session overview page, after changing its access type to Paid or By Invite, you will see another tab "Coupon Codes"


  • Go to Coupon Codes tab and click on Create Code
  • There are 4 types of discount types -
    • Full Value - Codes which allow subscription without any payment. You can enter the value 'Can be used times', So a value of 5 here would mean, 5 times that coupon can be used for enrollment.
    • Discount - Codes which offer specific amount as discount per usages (currency is always same as currency of course session's price)
    • Discount Percent - Codes which offer specific % discount per usages (actual discount amount would be equal to % of price set for the course session, and is calculated at transaction time)
    • Total Amount - Codes with associated Total amount. Total available amount will be adjusted on each time it's used.


  • Code - You can leave the code blank for system generated codes, or enter a unique code yourself. Code would be validated for uniqueness (if you entered it). Code can not be changed once generated, codes are not case sensitive. 
  • Discount Type - Select appropriate type of code ( full value/percentage/ Amount)
  • Value - If discount, discount % or total Amount type is selected, You will need to specify associated value. 
  • Number of codes you want to generate,
  • Can be used times - Enter number of time coupon can be used.
  • Coupon's start and end date ( these dates are optional, if not specified coupon will have to time restriction for use)
  • Group - you can optionally specify a group, which enforces the use of coupon by members of that group only
  • Additional Settings
  1. For Custom Use - This is used by EduBrite implementation team to create some custom coupon rules.
  2. Set Membership Expiration to coupon expiration - By default user's course/program membership end date is set using course session/program session max subscription days limit, This settings allows to control user's membership expiry same as coupon expiry date.
  3. Add user's to coupon group - If coupon is associated with a group, This setting can be turned on so that when a user uses this coupon user's group membership validity is not checked and user is added in coupon's group on coupon use.
  4. Require approval when used - If setting require approval is enabled for coupon, when a user enrolls using that coupon user's enrollment will be in pending approval state and site admin/group admin will be required to approve the enrollment to make it active. 
  5. Preview Access Only - Coupon provided preview access only for number of days specified in DEFAULT_PREVIEW_DAYS. 
  6. Usable by admin only - This setting is applicable for Full Value or Total Amount based group restricted coupons. This setting makes the coupon usable by Group admins only (prevents use during self enrollment by learners).
  • Click Save 

Coupon code list will allow you to view all coupons for the course session. You can also download the list to a CSV file.

  • Coupon codes can be shared with users using Email inside or outside the system. For existing users, you can send them by entering their username for outside users enter the email. If you leave the message blank, default template (Email Configuration -> System Notification -> Coupon sent to learners) is used which can be customized for the site.


  • Usage column shows the usage of the coupon, clicking on the code will open coupon details and you would be able to see the users who used the code and when. Coupon code details page also shows a URL which points to purchase page of the item, and pre populates the code when someone uses this link. This url can be used in emails or other campaigns.

Coupon details can be re-edited with some restrictions. You can't change the type of the coupon, for example, if coupon was created for full value, you can't change it to discount. But you can change its allowed usage and expiration date. Usage can't be changed to less than what it's already been used.

Deleting a code

The coupon code can be deleted only till it has not been used once. If you want to delete the code after its used by some users, you can make it ineffective by changing its expiration date to a past date.

To delete a coupon - Access coupon code list, select the code ( using checkbox) and click Delete Code.

If a code is already used, Check box selection will not be present for that coupon code.



Creating Coupon Codes for a Program Session

Codes created for program session can be used for individual paid course session subscriptions as well as individual paid events inside the course session.

  • Open the Program session details, and select Coupon code menu option.

  • Next you would follow the same steps as described for the code creation for course session in the previous section.

Creating Coupon Codes for Events

  • Next you would follow the same steps as described for the code creation for course session in previous section.

Creating Coupon Codes at Group level (For all group's item)

Group level coupon applies on group's all items (course sessions/ program sessions/event). To create a group level access group's overview page and click group's settings menu. In menu options there are two group related menu options 

  • Coupon Codes - It opens coupon code list those are created for this group. 
  • Item Coupon Code - It opens coupon code list those are created at this group level (product - group) and coupon applies on all items of this group.

[Note - A group level coupon can also be create for another group. e.g. A full value coupon created at group 'Training' for group 'CustomerA Group', This coupon provides Training group's all items free access to CustomerA Group members ]

Create Item Coupon Code 



Creating Coupon Codes for Microsite (Global codes)

To create global codes within a microsite, you must be site admin (or owner). Access Coupon Codes menu option present under Reports Menu.

Click 'Create Code' option present on Coupon code list page. Global Coupons can be used for all items available on the site excepts those items excluded for global code use ( exclusion setting is present as course,program and event level).

Excluding courses, programs and events from Global Codes

To exclude any course or program from being available for subscription using the global codes, you can enable the corresponding setting in the course or program as shown in the screenshot below.

Course Properties

Program Properties

Event Options -

Open events -> Advance Edit page