Assignment Creation

To create an assignment,

  • use the menu Course -> Create Assignment, and select a course session from the drop down, or
  • go to course session details page edit the course session settings, and enable assignment feature (if not already enabled).
  • you will see Assignment Tab on the course session details page, click on it to go to Assignment list page for this course session
  • click on Add assignment
  • on the assignment creation page - enter the name, module or topic for the assignment, and assigned and due dates. Learners would be able to see the assignment only after the assigned date (so you can create assignments in advance for future date), and would be able to submit their work before the due date. Dates are always treated in the current time zone of the assignment creator, and the assigned date is set to beginning of the day and due date is set to end of the day.



  • After saving the assignment, you can add additional content by uploading any files (document, ppt, pdf etc) or by writing the content using online WYSIWYG editor. All the content items would get displayed on the assignment editor page.



  • Once you are ready, click on Activate button to activate the assignment (learners will see and can work on only active assignments)
  • After you activate, you will be taken to Assignment Details page (which is the view students would get)


  • Content edited by online editor will be displayed on the assignment details page while uploaded content items would be displayed as link with View and Download options
  • You can now select the specific learners from your class, and assign the assignment to them by clicking on the Assign to Learners button



  • On the next page, you will get option to assign to all learners, specific learners or specific sub groups (if you created sub groups inside your course session). Use the appropriate option to pick the learners. In any option you select, assignment is individually assigned to learners only (not to sub group).



  • You can turn on Auto Assign Assignments setting for the course session, to assign the assignment to new learners as they get enrolled in the course session. Auto assign setting works only for learners who enroll after the assignment was created and activated. Only Active assignments are picked for the auto assignment


  • Late submission of assignments can be enabled/disabled from course session's settings Learner's Permissions tab. If late submission is allowed learners can submit assignments after due date.