Course Session Members

A course session can have two types of members - learners and instructors. Since a course session exists within a group, its members must also be a member of the containing group. A user can be either a learner or instructor in any course session, but can't be both. The key difference between learner and instructor is that:

  • Instructors can change the course session's settings, create assignments, evaluate tests with essay questions and edit grades
  • Instructors can also launch the course player, but their activities do not get recorded as graded activities and therefore they can't get any completion certificate, etc
  • Instructors get notified about a learner's completion 
  • Any number of instructors can be added in the course session

A members listing can be viewed by clicking on the Members tab from the course session details page.  The Course Session Members listing page provides several filtering mechanisms to filter by username (first, last, username), subgroups, member type, and course completion status of the member. The list result is also downloadable to a CSV file.


Adding Learners or Instructors in Course Session

Members can be added anytime in the course session, as long as it is active and has not ended (if not done already by selecting Enroll all group members option at the time of course session creation).

To add members - click on Add Members button from the course session members tab..



  • The next page provides a list of group members, you can select the group members from the list and click on Enroll button. The list shows filtered view of only those members who are not already added in the course session. You can change the number of items displayed on one page, and filter the list by user name (first, last or login id)
  • Select the role as Learner or Instructor for specifying the role the new members you are adding would have in the course session. By default, the learner option is selected. Note that one user can be either a learner or instructor in a given course session
  • Bulk enrollment - You can enroll all members of a course session parent group or select a subgroup and enroll all subgroup members using 'Add all group members' button.
  • Optional - You can check the Send email checkbox to automatically send an email to the new member in the course session.

Enter Usernames

As an alternative to selecting only from existing group members, you can also enter comma-separated usernames (login ids) of users from the microsite. It doesn't matter whether these users are members of the group or not. If they are not a member, they would become a member automatically once you add them to the course session.


Enter Emails

The third way to add learners in a course session is by adding them using their email IDs. If a user with matching email id already exists in the site, that user will be used. If the existing user was inactive, it will be reactivated. If the user was not found, a new user will be created in the site with its username the same as the email. The initial password of newly added users will be unspecified so they will have to use the Forgot Password process to request a password reset link before they can log in. The site admin can also reset the password of the user from site-user management.

This option is always available to site admins. If the current user is a group admin in the group where the course session belongs and is not a site admin, then they can be given access to this feature by enabling Allow group admin to add learners via email option from Site Details->Security tab.

Managing Learner's Status and Start/End Dates

Each learner can have a start and end date to restrict access to the course session. By default, the date when the member was added becomes their joining (start) date and the end date remains empty. This allows learners to access the course until the end date of the course session. If the course session's Max Subscription Days property is set, then the learner's end date is calculated by adding the days to the joining date.  You can edit the learner's start/end dates by clicking on the learner's name from the members listing.

From the member details page (also called Transcript page), click on Edit Members Details link, and specify the new start/end dates. You can also update the status of the learner. If the status of the learner is anything other than Active, they won't be able to access the course session. If the learner has already completed the course (has been awarded), an admin can also reset the awarded status when they click on the Edit Member Details.

 Automatically assigning course session

For some usages, it may be needed that whenever a new user gets added to a group, they must be assigned a set of courses. To achieve this, create the course sessions for courses that you want to get auto-assigned. Keep the end date of course sessions too far in the future and set the max subscription days to some reasonable value. Then edit the group and go to the Options tab, from there, enable Auto Enroll Group Members to All Course Sessions. If you want to have all users in the site get added to this group as well and get assigned the course-sessions, then enable Auto Enroll Site Users in this Group option.




Send Email with Login Instructions

An email with instruction containing the password reset link and username of the learner can be sent from the Members list, by selecting specific learners, or by just clicking the Send Email button without any selected (to send to all).

Notify all

This action allows you to send ad-hoc messages to all/selected learners in the course session. For example, if you added a new lesson in the course, you can use this option to notify all learners that a new lesson is available and they need to go through it.

Set End Date

Use this option to change or set the end date of one or more learners in a course session. Select the learners from the list and click on Set End Date. You will notice a Date input box; just select a date and Save.

Set Due Date

Use this option to change or set the due date of one or more learners in a course session. Select the learners from the list and click on Set Due Date. You will notice a Date input box; just select a date and Save.

Adding Activity (useful only in Instructor-led / Blended sessions)

To record any activity about the learners manually, click on the Add Activity button. Select the activity type from the drop-down, specify the activity date and save. You can optionally grade the activity as well. If you have any offline activities that you want to track (as an instructor) and do not want to use assignments, then adding Offline Completed activities is a good option. These can also be linked to specific modules. A sample use case could be to add place holder modules in the course, without any content. Then the instructor can record the completion of offline activities linked to these modules.