Course Session Configuration

Course session page provides several features which can be turned on and off by editing the settings.

To edit the settings, you must be instructor or administrator. Once you are on course session details page, expand the more menu (down arrow) and click on Settings sub menu.




Option Description
 Activities  Activities listing provides a view of all the activities performed by the learners in the course session.
 Resources  To enable or disable articles/news/files functionality. Articles allow content items (like a web page) to be added to a course session which are not part of the original course. Files can be uploaded within the course session which are not included as part of the pre packaged course content
 Assignment  To enable or disable assignment functionality
Auto Assign Assignments This setting allows assignments to get auto assigned to any new learners joining the course session. Note that if you add a new assignment it doesn't get auto assigned to existing learners (at present).
Auto Assign Events This setting allows to automatically enroll user in CS events when user enrolls in course session. The user will be automatically enrolled in events those have access type as 'Open' and event schedule falls within user's course session access period.
 Attendance  Attendance feature allows manual tracking of attendance in the course session.
 Event  Event feature allows planning an offline event or virtual class session (if Virtual class is enabled in the site)
 Exam  Exam feature allows conducting an online exam using an existing test or survey (if survey is enabled in the site)
 Forum  Forum allows discussion threads by course session members (learners and instructors)
 Gradebook  Gradebook allows creation of custom grading policies (rules and categories). If custom rules are not created then by default system uses a default grading policy which is based on course content items
 No Launch  Do not show Launch button/tab to open course player. This is useful for courses which are pure instructor led and have no pre packaged course content.
 Course Session Updates  This feature adds a panel on the course session details page, which shows all collaborative activity updates by the learners in the course session, as well as any exam, assignment or announcement by instructors
 Poll  This feature allows conducting an online poll (feedback) which can be assigned by the instructor to the learners
 Test Scores  This feature allows instructor to view test scores of all learners, and learners can view their own test scores. This is useful only when embedded quizzes are used in the course.
Calendar Show calendar tab with events, exams, assignments and schedules
Show in calendar Show course session in calendar for enrollment.
Aggregate tracking Enable aggregated tracking of course items (lesson/scorm/test) in other course session having same linked lesson/scorm/test. For details refer to KB article.



Option Description
Auto award partial credit This is useful when you have a course session with Max Subscription Days specified and you want to give credit to learners when their access expires but they have not fully completed the course. If this checkbox is checked, then system will mark the course completed and award the learners partially earned credit at the end of expiration of access.
 Auto Grade  This feature applies grading rules automatically as learners go thru the courses in order to update the gradebook with their current progress in the course. If it is not enabled, then instructor can manually update the gradebook by going to gradebook (if enabled) page and clicking on Apply Grading Rules
 No Certificate  Disable certificate giving after the course session is awarded to trainees. By default certificate will be provided after the completion


Course Session Page


Option Description
 Show sub-groups to learners  Instructors can always create sub-groups inside a course session to better manage the members of the session (in terms of collaboration, assignment etc). This flag allows all the learners to view the entire list of sub-groups that have been created as part of this course session
 Show Statistics Panel  Enables the statistics panel on the details page which provides a snapshot of the progress of the learners in the session
Hide course session details from learners If your course is self paced without any final exam, assignments or collaboration activities, then there isn't much use to show the course session details page to learners. Only thing they need to access to is course player (to view the course content) and their transcript. You can use this option to hide the session detail page from learners. If this is checked, learners will be taken to their transcript page directly, instead of showing the course session details page from other other pages when you click on the name of the course session.

Learner's Access

Option Description
 Allow access even if future dated  By default learners can't access future dated course session but by enabling this setting future session's access can be provided. 
Enforce Document upload Mandatory in assignments  By default learners can submit assignment without uploading any document, This settings can be enabled for enforcing document upload mandatory in course session's all assignments.
Enforce end date of module/topic By default course session's are configured to enforce only the start dates of modules / topics (which allows learners to access these modules, anytime after its start date, till the end of course session)
 Enforce lesson duration  By default, course player does not lock the lesson once the learner has viewed the lesson for duration specified in the duration setting (if provided) of the lesson. But enabling this option will enforce the duration checking for each such lesson
 Hide unavailable module/topic  By default, modules and topics which are schduled for future or whose end dates have passed (and enforce end date is ON) are displayed as locked in the course player. Enabling this setting will make them invisible in the course player
 Allow learner's access based on their start date  This setting can be used to create rolling access policy in course sessions where max number of subscription days for each learner is specified, and also schedule for each module and topic is enforced. By default if this setting is disabled, then all learner's access to specific module/topic starts and ends at specified date in the course session schdule, regardless of when a learner joined the session. Enabling this setting makes all the dates to advance by number of days after the course sesion start a learner joins the session

Learner's Permission

Option  Description
Allow learners to self un-enroll from the course Learners can self un-enroll from enrollment.
Learner's can post updates Allows or disallows learners to use the activity update feature, applicable only if Course Session Updates feature is enabled
Can share link in social networks  Learners can share course session link.
Learners can contact Instructors  If setting is enabled, an option to send email to instructor appears in course player. Learners message along with full context (course name/lesson name) is sent to instructor.
Can create sub group  Allow learners to create sub groups as part of the course session
 Hide member list from learners  Prevents learners from viewing the members listing
 Hide course session updates from learners  If Course Session Updates feature is enabled, this setting can be used to show or hide the updates panel to learners
 Late submission of assignment  If enabled, allow learners to submit their assignment even after the due date of assignment
 Learners can add resource  Allows learners to add File/Article/News


Option  Description
Enable iCal

This option can be used to selectively enable iCal attachment in this course session's enrollment emails or its event enrollment emails, when iCal is not enabled at the site level.

iCal attachments makes the user's calendar (outlook, gmail etc) to show the event on the scheduled date or course session's start-end period.

By default events are enabled to send iCal attachment (Because events are normally of short duration), and course session enrollment do not contain iCal (because course sessions are normally longer, and may block user's calendar for longer period).

Following settings are available in emails settings to influence iCal behavior at site level

  • Disable iCal completely in site (enabled by default)
  • Disable iCal for all exams in site (enabled by default)
  • Disable iCal for all events in site (enabled by default)
  • Disable iCal for all assignments in site (enabled by default)
  • Enable iCal for all course sessions (disabled by default)
 Reminder email to learners

Send reminder emails to learners. Reminder email can be configured using one of the following three option to send mail -

  • N days Before the start of the course session 
  • N days Before end of the learners access
  • N days After Learner's enrollment
Send instructor's email to group admins In addition to sending enrollment/completion/leave notifications to instructors in course session, also send it to group admins (group where course session is created)
Send Enrollment email

 Enrollment email can be turned on/off at course session level. Please note course session level email will work only if site level completion email is enabled. 

Send Completion email  Completion email can be turned on/off at course session level. Please note course session level email will work only if site level completion email is enabled. 


Additional Settings from Course Session edit page

You can click on the edit button to open the course session in edit mode. Changing Status (from Schedule tab): To remove the course session (without deleting) from all learner's view, you can make it Inactive. To remove a paid course session from catalog, you can change the end dates to a past date.

General Details Tab

 Start Date  Course session's start date
 End Date  Course session's end date
 A course session can be accessed only between start and end dates by the learners, if it is in Active status
 Access Type

Open - course session can be enrolled by learner's themselves, as long as they are a member of the same group where course session is created

By Invitation - members will be added by the instructor or admin

Paid - course session will be available to all users, and they can subscribe by paying for it online

 Max Learners  Max number of learners (students) who can enroll in the session
 Max Subscription Days For how many days (since enrollment) learner will have access to this course session. This is optional field. By default learners's access will be till end of the course session unless some non zero value is specified in this field.
 Status  Status of the course session. Course session can be accessed only while it is Active
 Grading Scheme  Grading scheme applicable for the group. By default a system wide default grading scheme is used internally by the system. You can view it by clicking on the View Grading Scheme link
 To create a new scheme, click on the New Grading Scheme


Module / Topic Schedule Tab

On this tab, you can change the start and end dates of each module and topic in the course session. These dates control access to the content in course. By default only the start date is enforced (which prevents all content in a module to be locked for learners, before the start date), but if you enable end date enforcement (from the settings, described above) access to module/topic's content will stop after the end date. You can also completely remove a module or topic from a course session, by changing its status to Deleted.

Note: Auto sync is now default behavior so as soon as a new module or topic is added in the course, the changes are refelected in all related course sessions. To prevent auto sync a property DISABLE_AUTO_SYNC_COURSE_SESSION=true can be added in microsite's custom properties. You would see Sync Modules/Topics button, If you want to make those new modules visible in this course session, click the Sync button.