EduBrite - WebEx Integration

EduBrite's online events can be integrated with WebEx Training center, WebEx Meeting center and WebEx Event center.

Once you configure your site and your user accounts with appropriate settings, you would be able to seamlessly create events in WebEx right from inside your EduBrite microsite. At the specified time, you will be able to start the WebEx session as well, and the trainees would be able to join the training session. Everything would work seamlessly from the microsite, without having to sign-in separately. Here is how it works.

Enable WebEx Integration

Step 1 - Open the Site Admin->Site Details->Online Event Integrations Tab.


Step 2 Accounts and Settings -> Enter WebEx username and password: 

Each user who is allowed to host a training session, can have their own individual WebEx user id, in your WebEx training center site. Therefore the specific user would need to open their profile settings in EduBrite microsite by going to Accounts->Account & Settings page, and from the Personal tab, enter their WebEx login id and password

Create WebEx Event 

Event can be created within a course session for instructor led learning course. When a WebEx event is created system will create WebEx training/meeting in integrated WebEx portal and that meeting Id will be associated with EduBrite event.

Select Event Type 

Enter Event Details 

Specify the Event Name, start date-time, duration, Repeat Daily for multiple days events,Number of sessions audio option and password (if needed)

Event owner selection provides a convenient way to create events for other hosts. 

Timezone selection is used to specify event date/time in selected timezone. (time zone selection can be enabled from Site admin -> UI Interface -> setting 'Enable timezone selection during event editing'. 

Each session gets added as event item and additional items like survey or test can be added in the event.


WebEx Template option

For WebEx trainings, default options can be configured in your webEx site as templates, and you can specify the particular template you want to use while creating the training session.

These templates can be registered in microsite by adding a datasource from SiteAdmin->CMS->Create New Datasource, and create a new one with name Webex_Templates.js. The content of this data source is a JSON array with names of the templates you have configured in the webEx training site.

   {id:0, val:""},
   {id:2, val:"Default Settings1"},
   {id:3, val:"Default Settings2"},
   {id:4, val:"Default Settings3"}

Event Details View

Event details page presents event and event's all items schedule.

Start Event as a host


At the specified start time, you will be able to see the Start Conference/Session button, which will launch the WebEx window by automatically signing in you as a host.

Join Event as Trainee

Trainees will see the wait message until host has not started the meeting, once started Join Conference/Session button will show up.


  Once Training started -

Import WebEx Event 

If a WebEx training is already created on WebEx portal it can be imported using Import option. when a event is imported, corresponding online event will be created in EduBrite site using imported training name,date time etc.

Event can be imported within a course session, That can be used as a part of blended learning or Instructor-Led Training class. 

Listing events in catalog 

Once you create events which are linked to course session, you have option to make them Paid and list them in the catalog. While creating the event, select the access type Paid, and choose a payment method and set the price.

These events will start showing up in the catalog (to enable the catalog go to Site Admin->Site Details->Features and enable Paid Courses feature).

Additional Settings

You can edit the event and go to advanced edit view, from there you can add few more settings for the event.

1. Limiting Participants - specify max subscriber count

2. Add Subscription start/end date to allow self registration period.

3. Set Reminder email and specify days for sending reminder.

4. Add logo for the event

5. Add placement content to show up in catalog - big banner, payment info etc


Attendance and Course Completion

System automatically marks user's attendance once user joins a event. attendance is marked for each session and once user attends all session, system marks event as attended. 

Admins can manually mark course completion based on user's attendance or an attendance based custom grading scheme can be setup to automatically mark course as completed on event finish time for users those attended the event.

Trouble Shooting Integration Issues

  • Event created on WebEx end or not:  On successful event creation WebEx MeetingId is presented on event details page. If MeetingId is not present that shows event is not created on WebEx end.
  • Participants Enrollment - When a user is added in event, user's enrollment is passed to WebEx side and LMS receives user's registrationId. That Id is presented on event participants tab for each user. Absence of registration Id means user is not added WebEx site and that will create an issue when user will try to join the event.
  • Why participants not getting added to WebEx side - Please confirm event owner's webex credentials in LMS profile, If credentials are not correct, participants will not be added at WebEx side as add participants API will fail. 
  • Why participants not getting added to WebEx side  - Please make sure registration required is enabled at WebEx side, If registration is not required, WebEx side will not add participants in event. (When a event is created through LMS, by default registration required setting is enabled).