Attendance Tracking

To track attendance in your instructor led classes, you can enable Attendance feature in any course session.


Once enabled you can open the attendance tab to register attendance for any specific day or Event that was scheduled in that course session.

Select the date from the date-picker and click Show. Alternatively you can also choose Event from the drop down (if any event exist for that course session, they will appear in the drop down). The list of learners would refresh. If you had selected an event, then list of learners will only consist of those that are registered as participants in that event. You can click under the Attended or Not Attended columns on any learner specific rows to mark them Green or Orange (which signifies Attended or Not Attended). To mark all learners green / orange and change only a few, click on the column header, which would mark all rows, and then change specific rows by clicking on them. There are two more column for optionally marking the course award status for the learners. Award marking is useful for pure ILT sessions that need to award the course after the event. Note that you can also mark award status from the Grades tab of the course session.

At the end Click Save to register the attendance.


Adding Attendance to Gradebook

You can add attendance to gradebook by using the Add to Gradebook checkbox, while adding the attendance. This option shows up only if there is a custom grading scheme defined for the course session. Check this article for an example of custom grading scheme using attendance as a criteria


Downloading attendance to Excel

To download the attendance to Excel, just open the Course Session's activities listing

On the activities listing, you can choose the specific activity types (attended or absent) and other filters like username, date range and view all attendance record. You can also click on Excel icon to download the data.