Custom Grading Scheme

Customizing Grading Scheme

By default, EduBrite has a default grading implementation which may or may not suffice your needs. System provides a set of example grading schemes those can be imported in your site. 

Imported grading schemes 

These imported grading schemes description covers the grading criteria. If some change is needed in these example for your case, these schemes can be edited to apply the change or you can create a copy of these grading scheme and update the copied version. 

Any of the custom grading scheme can be set as default grading scheme for your site by clicking green checkmark button present in Default column.

Creating Custom Grading Scheme

A new customized grading scheme can be craete, here is how you can do it. We'll cover one example to explain the steps required. 

Step1: Open the course session settings, and enable the grading option in the course session


Step2: Click on the Grades button on course session details, and check the current grading scheme. You will see it is using default scheme.

Click on "Create New Grading Scheme"


Step3: You will see the grading scheme has been overridden now, click on Edit Grading Scheme button. If you want to undo the overriding click on Reset button.



Step 4: The edit grading page remains disabled till the scheme is in Active state. Click on Deactivate to begin editing it.

Step5: Once you deactive, all fields will become editable again, for this example we want to make the grading to consider only quiz scores, so let's make Lesson_Read categorie's weight equal to zero, and change the weight of Quiz_Completed category to 100 (percent). And finally click on Activate button again

Step6: Now we are pretty much done, except if you have some learners in the course session, who have their grades already computed, you can re-apply the grading rule to have their scores recalculated. Open the Grades list page for the corse session, here you can click on Apply Grading Rule link in the sidebar, to re-apply rule on all learners (except those who have already awarded the course session, which you would see by the presence of a ribbon icon). If you want to apply rule on awarded learners as well, click on the Apply Rule link for the specific learner.


Re-using the same grading scheme for other course sessions

While editing the course session, you will have option to reuse the newly created scheme in other course sessions in the same group. Grading schemes can be created beforehand as well, by going to the Grading Scheme list page which shows all schemes available in a microsite.

Setting a new Default Grading Scheme

You can create a custom grading scheme and set that as a default for the site. When you create a new course-session, if a custom default scheme is set, then it will get linked to the new course sessions created afterwards.  

To set default grading scheme -

  • Access Grading Scheme list page
  • Using the green checkbox in default colum you can set any custom grading scheme as default grading scheme for your site.


Grading Rule Variables

Variable Description
SUM Sum of points for all units in a given category.
AVG Average of points for all units in a given category.
WSUM Weighted sum of points for all units in a given category.
WAVG Weighted average of points for all units in a given category
COUNT_SCORED_ASSIGNMENT Count of units corresponding to evaluated assignments in a given category
COUNT_ASSIGNMENT Count of assignments in a given category
TOTAL_ASSIGNMENT_POINTS_AVL Total points available from all assignments in the category
NUM_TESTS_PASSED Number of tests passed
AVERAGE_TEST_SCORES Sum of average score on individual tests
NUM_UNITS Number of scorable grading units in the category
CATEGORY_SCORE Score in a given category
CATEGORY_WEIGHT Weight of a given category
CATEGORY_WEIGHTED_SCORE Weighted Score in a given category (final)
TOTAL_TESTS Total tests
TOTAL_SURVEYS Total surveys
TOTAL_LESSONS Total lessons
TOTAL_SCORMS Total scorms
GR_TESTS Total Gradable tests
GR_SURVEYS Total Gradable surveys
GR_LESSONS Total Gradable lessons
GR_SCORMS Total Gradable scorms
PENDING_TESTS Pending (not passed / incomplete) tests count
PENDING_SURVEYS Pending (incomplete) surveys count
PENDING_LESSONS Pending (not fully read, based on lesson's completion criteria) lessons count
PENDING_SCORMS Pending (incomplete) scorms count
PENDING_GR_LESSONS Pending gradable lessons count
PENDING_GR_TESTS Pending gradable tests count
PENDING_GR_SURVEYS Pending gradable surveys count
PENDING_GR_SCORMS Pending gradable scorms count
COMPLETED_TESTS Completed (passed) tests count
COMPLETED_SURVEYS Completed surveys count
COMPLETED_LESSONS Completed lessons count
COMPLETED_SCORMS Completed scorms count
NGRP Number of gradable lesson's pages
TOTAL_GR_NON_GR_ASSIGNMENT Total Gradable + Non Gradable Assignments in a given category
COMPLETED_GR_NON_GR_ASSIGNMENTS Completed (submitted) assignments in a given category
EVALUATED_GR_NON_GR_ASSIGNMENTS Evaluated assignments in a given category
PENDING_GR_NON_GR_ASSIGNMENTS Pending assignments in a given category

Predefined Grading Categories

  • All - A catch all category that can be used to fetch all units from learner's grades while creating custom grading scheme 
  • LESSON_READ - All lesson completion related grading units are recorded against this category 
  • SCORM_ATTEMPT - All scorm attempt related grading units are recorded against this category 
  • SCORM_COMPLETED - All scorm completion related grading units are recorded against this category 
  • QUIZ_COMPLETED - All test/quiz completion related grading units are recorded against this category 
  • EXAM_QUIZ_COMPLETED - All scheduled exams (tests delivered using Events) completion related grading units are recorded against this category 
  • COURSE_COMP_EXAM_QUIZ_COMPLETED - Final scheduled exams (tests delivered using Events) completion related grading units are recorded against this category 
  • Custom categories - you can also add custom categories and then link the assignments to those categories. Assignment related grading units get recorded against the custom categories. Each assignment has to be linked to a custom category