iCal Integration

With iCal integration feature, all email notifications which are time sensitive such as - course or exam enrollments, assignment notification or event invites will be directly visible inside the external calendar applications like Gmail or Outlook. Recipient of the email would be able to Accept and add them to their calendar from within their email applications. You can also use this feature to plan and send invites for planning instructor led training sessions (offline events) or webex events via EduBrite. Your trainees would be able to view all training events in their calendar outside of EduBrite as well.


Gmail Calendar


Mac Calendar


Microsoft Outlook


An ics file consists of the following information:

  • Event Start date and time
  • Event End date and time
  • Email Subject as the description
  • RSVP (site property ICAL_DISABLE_RSVP can be used to disable ical RSVP)
  • Event Location
  • Alarm 15 minutes prior to start.  (Alarm time is configurable using site property EVENT_REMINDER_TRIGGER_TIME)

Planning offline Events

You can create offline events from within a Group or from My Items->Calendar. Events can be created as an offline event and you can open the  advanced edit view of the event, to add more details like Location.

After that you can either add the subscribers (participants) for the event or make the event open to subscribe.


How to Disable iCal attachment in emails :

To disable / enable iCal, go to Site Admin->Email Settings and adjust the highlighted settings