Assignment Evaluation

Assignment listing page provides a consolidated view of all assignments to instructors and administrators. For any assignment, you can view the submission counts in various statuses (not started, submitted, evaluated), and drill down into any specific one to view the assignment attempts (instances) listing.


Assignment Attempts list -



You can open any assignment submission, Assignment Response tab presents learners response and If learner has uploaded any file that is also present, You can view or download file uploaded as response.

Once you are ready with your evaluation, from evaluation tab - you can enter your evaluation remarks and attach any files (e.g. you might want to download the learner's submission, and enter your comments in the file, and reattach it), and give appropriate points. If you want to reject their submission, you can click on Send Back for Rework, which will allow the learners to rework on their submission.


Assignment Emails

Emails are integrated on assignment related actions. These emails can be turned On/Off .

Reset Evaluated Assignment

Using 'Reset Evaluation' option an evaluated assignment can be reset to allow instructors to re-evaluated assignment.