Open Learning in Gilly (confluence cloud)

Gilly add-on in confluence cloud provides Open learning within confluence if open learning is enabled in LMS microsite. Open learning provides bite size informal learning environment, it promotes participation and self initiative.

Please refer to article for setting up Open Learning content in lms site, You can access EduBrite webinar that covers open learning functionality in confluence cloud.

Once Gilly add-on is configured in confluence site, New menu options (Training Dashboard, Catalog and Open Learning) appears under help (?) menu.  

Access Open learning from confluence

Open Learning page can be accessed using Open Learning menu. Open learning page provides open learning content (lessons) arranged in various panels. These panels are dynamically generated lists like 'Recently viewed', Mastered, Following, Popular, My Playlists and Random Picks. 

Users Mastered items count and points are presented at the top, Using open learning lessons user can create it's own play list that appears in My play list panel. All panels provide 'view all' option to get full list of items. 

After all panels an 'Explore All Lessons' option is available at the bottom of the page to access full open leraning lessons list. 


Adding Open Learning in a confluence page using macro

A macro is also available to embed Open Learning in any confluence page. Open Learning macro provides option to select panels those you want to embed in confluence page. 

Please refer to article Open Learning Macro for details.