Tuning the Gilly Cache

Tuning the Gilly Cache

Note: Caching is no longer used starting from Gilly 2.95

To improve the performance and therefore test taking experience, Gilly uses a caching mechanism to store and retrieve multiple items. The administrator can configure the size of the cache as well as tune the cache expiration time. The cache is initially configured with some default parameters.

  • Cache Size = 5000 entries
  • Expiration Time = 15 minutes

The administrator can always tweak these values by following the menu item Browse -> Gilly Settings and then going to the Caching tab.


Forcibly Resetting the Cache

The cache can always be reset at any given time by clicking the link Clear Cache Entries. Cache would then again build up as users start accessing the tests and collections.


Cacheable Items

Following items are cached in Gilly.

  • List of tests for every collection. A collection as the name suggests is a group which holds a collection of tests. A confluence user can be a member of one or more such groups
  • Properties of each collection (name, description)
  • Test (Regular as well as randomized test for every user)
  • Test Solutions if any


Viewing Cache Statistics

The administrator can monitor the cache statistics (eg number of entries, number of hits and misses) for every cacheable item type. To view the statistics use the menu Browse -> Gilly Settings and then go to the Monitoring tab.