Gilly - Exams

Exams (Scheduled tests)

Exams can be used to schedule a test (or more than one test) or survey as an event which has a start and end date. You can create exam for specific groups or can create it at the microsite level Exam in microsite (Learn more here). Candidates can be added in exam by the exam creator or exam can be created with open subscription policy. Open to subscribe exam can also be targeted to specific group.

To make an exam open to enroll, do following:

  • Create an Exam in microsite (Learn more here)
  • Open the exam details once it is created
  • Click on Edit on the Overview tab
  • Change the Access Level of the exam to Free from By Invite


  • Save the changes

Now if you check Available Events tab in training dashboard, you will see the new exam you created appear in the list. Subscribe link will allow you to subscribe to the exam.

Once subscribed, you can access it from Enrolled Events tab.