Test Attempt Report

Test Attempt Report

For every test or survey (either part of an exam or not) that is being taken by the Gilly users, the individual test attempts report provide the following information.

  • User who has taken the test (along with a link to drill down the details about that test attempt)
  • Date on which the test was attempted
  • Score

A global report which shows the attempts across all tests is also available. The tabular formatted individual test report is sorted on score with the top score being shown first. The global report is sorted on the date on which the test was attempted with the lastest date being shown first.


Accessing the Report

The global report can be accessed through the menu Browse -> Test Attempts or using the Test Attempts link on the dashboard. The individual report can be accessed by accessing My Test Collections (through Dashboard or Browse menu) -> Select the Collection -> Click on Attempts  for the specific test. The individual report can also be accessed from inside the global report for every test. Both these reports are accessible only to Gilly Administrator.


Report Screenshots

Individual Test Attempts Report


Global Test Attempts Report


The View Result link can be used to see the detailed report about the specific test attempt by the corresponding user.