User Management In Gilly

User Management In Gilly

Gilly supports auto user creation upon first access of the training dashboard implicitly (unless you have turned off Auto Create Users by API option in the microsite). But this doesn't allow you to set up all users at once and assign them some courses or exam, as you wait for them to login to confluence and access the training dashboard. A better option is to use sync feature in Gilly.

Gilly provides the administrator with an ability to synchronize the groups and group members (or simply users) in confluence with those in the microsite. Using a single step process multiple confluence groups and their members can be synchronized (added/updated or deleted) with those in the microsite. The following functionalities are available through the User Management screen.

     Starting from Gilly 2.5 - confluence user's full name and email is also updated in the microsite besides when you do the user sync or whenever the user accesses training dashboard. 


Create a group in the microsite corresponding to an existing confluence group. (All groups can be synced except confluence-users and confluence-administrators which are predefined groups in Confluence).

  1. Remove a group from the microsite corresponding to an existing confluence group.
  2. Add one or more confluence group members to the corresponding microsite group. If the user is not already a microsite member, the microsite user is first created followed by making that user as a group member. Ability to specify the role of the microsite member and group member when creating a member.
  3. Add ordinary Confluence user (not a member of any group except confluence-users and/or confluence-administrators) as a normal microsite user (without making the user as part of any group). While creating such a user, the role with which the user would be created in the microsite can be specified.
  4. Remove any existing group member in the microsite. The owner of the microsite, however, cannot be removed.

Synchronizing Confluence Groups and Learners

Confluence groups and group members can be synchronized with the corresponding microsite groups and their members by only the Confluence administrators. Access the synchronization page through the menu item Browse -> Manage Learners

Note - Create a user in microsite who has the same username as your confluence admin account and make sure that this user has "Administrator" privileges in EduBrite microsite.



Synchronization and Removal of Groups

The page would list all the existing confluence groups. Two default groups which are present in confluence (confluence-users and confluence-administrators) are also listed along with the manually created groups (sales and developer) as shown. The two default groups are never created in the microsite, only the manually created ones can be synchronized. The purpose of showing the two default groups is only to allow the synchronization of the confluence users to that in microsite. The second column in the table indicates whether this confluence group is also available in the microsite. In case the group is also available in the microsite, the Microsite Members column indicates the microsite group member count and the microsite group owner. The last column would allow the removal of a group (only from the microsite). To synchronize confluence group(s) with that in microsite, select the group(s) using the checkboxes and use the Sync Groups button. To remove any group in the microsite, use the Remove link. Remove action only removes the group from the microsite but not in confluence.

Group Member Synchronization Options

During the process of synchronization of a group, one would need to specify how the members of that group would be synchronized. Options are available to join members to a group as well as to remove current members from the group.

1. To add a group member select one of the options from

  • All confluence group members - All the current confluence group members would be made the microsite group members. If a member is currently not a microsite user then as part of this synchronization the user is first created in the microsite before adding as a member of the group.
  • Specified group members - Specify the group members in the form of comma-separated usernames. Only these users would be added as microsite group members.
  • All excluding the specified group members - Specify the group members in the form of comma-separated usernames. All confluence group members except the specified ones would be added as microsite group members.

Any microsite user can join a group with a specific role (eg Learner or Administrator). This can be specified as part of the synchronization process.

2. All the existing group members (except the group owner) can also be removed from the group as part of the synchronization process. Select the checkbox "Remove Existing Microsite Group Members" for this purpose.

Auto Sync Settings (to add new users automatically using scheduled job)

This provides an easy an easy option to set up a scheduled job in Confluence to add new users to the microsite. You can select the groups from the list on the above screen using the last column Auto Sync. Based on the frequency of the scheduled job, new users of the selected groups, if not present in the corresponding microsite will be added.

Note -  It will not remove any members from the microsite group. 

Automatic Sync of User's Information and Group Memberships

If auto-provisioning is ON in microsite (from Site Admin->Site Details->Integration->Auto create users by API) then upon accessing any confluence page (e.g. training dashboard) of Gilly or any page where a macro (like Training Dashboard, Course player ... ) have been embedded, gilly would auto sync current user's information in LMS.

  • User's first name, last name and email will be updated in LMS
  • User's groups in confluence will be retrieved and if a group with the same name (or code) exists in LMS, and a user is not yet a member of it in LMS, then he/she will be added to that group. Note that, sync behavior is limited to adding a user to group(s) and doesn't remove a user from any group in LMS