EduBrite Course Player Macro for Confluence

EduBrite Course Player Macro for Confluence

Gilly 1.1 includes Course Player Macro, which allows embedding of courses in confluence wiki pages. Course player presents a course delivery widget to allow trainees to go thru lessons and take any embedded quizzes. Courses can be created in EduBrite Business Edition and Gilly can deliver them to Confluence via this macro. Trainees would not need to login to EduBrite, their confluence login is recognized by Gilly. We have setup a live demo to see the macro in action at this URL.


Live Demo URL: 

User: demo1 or demo2

Password: password


How to Embed 

To embed a course, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the embed tag for the course.

Login to EduBrite Business edition (your own microsite) and create a course. Open the course player by Launching the course. You can launch the course by directly (mainly courses accessible to all site users) or from a course session (for private courses authorized in specific groups). Scroll to the bottom of the page and expand the Embed panel. There are three tags available to embed the course using different methods. Macro requires just the embed URL, so copy the 3rd tag (URL).

     Important - to embed the course session, always get the embed url by launching course from the course session. Otherwise url will not contain id of the course session, and your learnes would get unauthorized access message


Step 2: Create a wiki page and embed the course 

Login to confluence (assumption is that you have already installed Gilly 1.1 plugin). Now create a wiki page, and click on insert macro. Select Edubrite Course Player macro from the list (in external content category), or search for EduBrite in the macro browser. 


Step 3. Enter macro parameters

Enter the embed URL of the course in the macro input field, and adjust the width/height of the course player (defaults are just fine for most cases).


Step 4: Save the page

Save the page, and you should be able to see the embedded course.

Step 5: View the page