Gilly Releases - EduBrite Assessment Plugin for Confluence

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Always use the Find Add on method to get the add on from marketplace. Here is link to latest release 

=== Archive of old releases ====

Release 2.96 (Point release - Release Date Sep 10, 2015)

bug fix on a specific scenario to launch exam


Release 2.95 (Point release - Release Date Aug 11, 2015)

In this version, we have fixed few bugs from version 2.94, related to JDK compatibility (1.6 - 1.8)


Release 2.94 (Minor release - Release Date Aug 10, 2015)

In this version, we have few new features and enhancements.

  1. A new Calendar tab in training dashboard. All events, exams, course sessions can be accessed from Calendar
  2. Ability for learners to subscribe and join online events (like WebEx, GotoMeeting/Webinar, Readytalk) from within confluence.
  3. Test taking interface is now revamped to use Test widget of EduBrite LMS directly inside invisible iframe, thus any kind of test (including adaptive) can be directly taken from Gilly, even without adding them to Course
  4. Enrolled courses tab now has a filtering option to see Completed vs Inprogress course sessions
  5. A new macro to Embed any Quiz or Survey directly in confluence pages


Release 2.93 (Point release - Release Date Jul 15, 2015)

In this version, we have fixed a bug fix for number format error coming on Test Scores tab on User profile tab under some languages where comma is used as decimal separator.


Release 2.92 (Point release - Release Date Apr 06, 2015)

In this version, we have added a small enhancement needed to support EduBrite's html5 course player.


Release 2.91 (Point release - Release Date Aug 07, 2014)

In this version, we have fixed the bug related to handling mixed case username in Confluence.


Release 2.9 (Point release - Release Date June 01, 2014)

In this version, we have added enrolled programs tab in the training dashboard. Also, a download certificate link has been added on enrolled courses and enrolled programs tab. This version also fixes issue of non ascii characters in Fullname in Confluence not getting synced properly in LMS.


Release 2.8 (Point release - Release Date Apr 01, 2014)

This version fixes issues related to comma character in user's full name in confluence.


Release 2.7 (Point release - Release Date Dec 24, 2013)

This version adds support for connectivity via authenticated proxy server. In some situations when on-premise confluence instance is behind the firewall and Gilly can't directly connect to LMS microsite which is hosted in EduBrite network, you can use a proxy server thru which Gilly can connect to LMS.

We have also included Dutch (nl) and Portuguese (pt) translation files for Gilly's user interface.


Release 2.6 (Point release - Release Date Oct 21, 2013)

This version fixes issue of course player not getting loaded if confluence was running on HTTPS urls.


Release 2.5 (Point release - Release Date June 02, 2013)

This release enhances user sync feature by adding email, first name and last name sync. Read more about this feature here


Release 2.4 (Point release - Release Date Mar 17, 2013)

This release introduces localized user interface in french, french-canada, spanish and german languages besides english. Read more about this feature here.

Download Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 5.x)

Gilly 2.4 - Confluence plugin jar


Release 2.3 (Point release - Release Date Jan 06, 2013)

This release provides user profile page's extension by adding Training and Test scores tabs. These tabs can be turned off from the Gilly's settings page. Read more about this feature here.

Download Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 5.x)

Gilly 2.3 - Confluence plugin jar


Release 2.2 (Point release - Release Date July 18, 2012)

This release adds more configurability in Gilly. You can now restrict access of Gilly in specific confluence groups. Both whitelist and blacklist configuration can be done.  You can also turn on or off specific tabs on Training Dashboard and also turn on or off navigation links from Confluence Dashboard and Browse menu. Read more about these two features here

Download Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 4.3.x)

Gilly 2.2 - Confluece plugin jar



Previous Releases 


Release 2.1 (Point release - Release Date July 9, 2012)

This release adds support for Http Proxy so Gilly can connect to EduBrite microsite when Confluence does not have direct connectivity to the internet.

Read more about proxy support here


Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 4.2.x)

Gilly 2.1 - Confluence plugin jar



Release 2.0 (Major release - Release Date May 14, 2012)

This release adds a completely new training dashboard interface to allow trainees to browse, enroll and launch courses, take tests and track their progress. Admins can sync Groups and Users from confluence to their microsites.

Read more about the 2.0 release here


Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 4.2.x)

Gilly 2.0 - Confluence plugin jar



Release 1.2 (point release - Release Date Jan 13, 2011)

Release Notes 

The release adds Essay type questions in assessments, besides adding confluence 4.1.3 compatibility. Read more about supported question types here.


Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 4.1.3)

Gilly 1.2 - Confluence plugin jar



Release 1.1 (point release - Release Date Dec 13, 2011)

Release Notes 

This release adds Course Player macro feature, which allows embedding courses in wiki pages. Courses can be created in EduBrite Business Edition microsite. More details on macro is available here

Here are high level changes from the last release:

  • Support for embedding courses via Course Player macro
  • Support for numeric choice labels in quizzes and surveys (apart from A, B, C... you can now create quizzes and surveys to show choice labels as 1, 2, 3...)
  • Usabilty enhancements in taking test, by allowing click to be done anywhere on choice, rather than requiring click on checkbox or radio button


Latest Release (Compatible with Confluence 3.1.x - 4.1)

Gilly 1.1 - Confluence Plugin Jar 


Release 1.0 (major release)

Release Notes

This release completes all the features for assessments and survey which we want to release, and Gilly comes out of beta from this release. Here are high level changes from the last release 0.92 (Read in Detail)

  • Support for confluence 4 (backward compatibility with confluence 3.x)
  • Brand new online quiz editor with EduBrite microsite, to create tests and surveys. You can still use MS Word templates to create the tests and upload as before
  • Ability to conduct surveys inside Gilly
  • Some new properties in tests
    • Prevent backward navigation while taking tests and
    • Making all questions to be mandatory, to prevent skipping a question while taking tests 
  • Integrated Reports in Gilly
    • Tests statistics report
    • Test attempts report
    • Survey Statistics report
    • Survey attempts report
  • Caching interval configuration control in the plugin configuration page



Latest Release

Gilly 1.0 - Confluence Plugin Jar



Installation Instruction

Save the above file as a jar file (if browser downloads it as some other extension than .jar) and login as admin to your confluence instance and upload this jar as a new plugin. If you have a previous version of Gilly installed, remove it first from the Confluence Admin -> Plugins


Note that you need a EduBrite microsite to use this plugin, if you are not already a user of EduBrite, you can create a microsite for your organization/department/school in just few minutes, Read More


Supported Environment

Java 1.6, Confluence 3.x - 4.x   


Release 0.92 (point release)

Release Notes

This release adds few new features in Gilly to allow Viewing question while viewing the test scores page. Also two new question types VGMR (Vertical Grid multi response), HGMR(Horizontal Grid multi response) have been introduced to allow VGR and HGR layouts become available without wighted scoring and with checkboxes.  


Gilly (0.92b) - Confluence Plugin Jar  


Gilly (0.92a) - Confluence Plugin Jar

Gilly (0.92) - Confluence Plugin Jar



Release 0.91 (point release)

Release Notes

This release adds feature in Gilly to allow confluence users to subscribe to any Exam which is setup in your microsite. Previously admin was required to subscribe to the exams in micrsoite, but now users can do it themselves. A new menu item Available Exams is also added in the Dashboard and Browse menu to view available exams which can be subscribed.



Latest Release

Gilly (0.91) - Confluence Plugin Jar



Release 0.9 (first version to be released)

Release Notes

The first version (0.9) is fully functional testing plugin which can be used to conduct the exams as well as informal tests. This is part of the beta release and we plan to have two more beta versions before releasing version 1.0. Beta releases are only available for Hosted (SaaS) environment. 



Gilly (0.9) - Confluence Plugin Jar 



Supported Environment

Java 1.6, Confluence 3.3.1 - 3.4