User Management in EduBrite Microsite when using Gilly

User Management in EduBrite Microsite when using Gilly

(also refer to User Management done from within Gilly plugin)

In EduBrite microsite the user is uniquely identified with a username which is identical to the Confluence username. Users from confluence can be exported to EduBrite microsite in two ways

  • Auto creation
  • Manual creation

It is not required to grant access of Gilly to all users you have in Confluence. You can selectively grant access to specific groups in confluence and thus keep users in EduBrite microsite less than what you have in Confluence.


Auto Creation of Confluence Users by Gilly plugin in EduBrite Microsite

For this to happen, no explicit action is required on part of the confluence administrator. Once Gilly plugin has been installed and configured, the confluence users would be able to access all the functionalities of Gilly. A user gets auto-created (if it doesn't already exists) in EduBrite microsite during the first access of a Gilly feature by the logged in confluence user. Therefore user accounts keep getting auto created by Gilly plugin in EduBrite microsite as and when confluence users start accessing the Gilly features first time.

During the auto-creation process, confluence username, email id and fullname are passed and a user gets created in microsite with same username. If a user existied before with the same username, it would get updated with new email, firstname and lastname (if any values differ). For example if you have a confluence username bob, there would be a user created in microsite with username bob.

NoteIf a user existed in microsite with same username but was inactive, it wouldn't be activated implicitly. If you are not able to see user getting created in micsosite, check whether an inactive account exists with the same username


No password is sent from confluence to EduBrite so these users get created in EduBrite without any password (which prevents them from login to EduBrite microsite directly, without going thru Gilly). Gilly doen't support password syncing of users, it only supports uni-directional single sign on (i.e. authenticated users in confluence can access Gilly without requiring a separate login attempt). Auto created users have Learner role in the microsite and they do not get mapped as member of any group in microsite.


If you want to disable auto user creation feature in EduBrite microsite, then follow the steps:

  • login to microsite as administrator or site owner
  • open Site Admin->Site Details-> Integration tab
  • Uncheck the option "auto create users by API sessions" and click Save 

Manually creating users in EduBrite microsite

While auto-creation leads to users getting created in Gilly one at a time (during the first access of a Gilly feature by a confluence user), the microsite administrator can also create users in microsite manually by using bulk user creation utility. 

To create users in bulk, login to microsite as any administrator user and select Site Admin -> Create Users. Refer to the User Administration for more detail about this process. While creating users in this way the specified username needs to be same as username in confluence. You can specify (or generate) passwords for these microsite users while using bulk creation utility, therefore these users will be able to login to the microsite directly as well if they use their username and passwords (without going thru Gilly). You can also use this feature to allow users in microsite who don't have access to confluence.


Search/View Existing Users

to view current users in your microsite, select menu Site Admin -> Site Users. For more detail refer to the User Administration article.