Rearranging Course Items

When you are building the course in the editor, you would probably try out many things in terms of grouping the lessons and tests in the modules, the hierarchy of the modules and topics before finalizing. And the course editor makes it easy to move things around; to make this moving/shifting easy, use drag and drop. At present, multiple drag and drop (multi-select) is not supported, and the drag and drop operation doesn't work in Internet Explorer, but we are working on finding a solution for it.

Moving at the same level

To move the modules, topics, lessons, scorms or tests in the course up or down at the same level (within same parent), use the arrow icons in the toolbar

Moving from one to another module or topic

Drag Drop method (for moving single item - lesson, quiz, topic, course)

You can click on the icon of the module/topic/lesson/test/SCORM and hold for a second, then keep holding the mouse and drag the item and drop it onto the parent item (module, topic or course itself) where you want it to be moved.


Moving Multiple Selected Items

You can hold the SHIFT button and click on the lesson(s) and quiz(zes) to select multiple items anywhere, and then right-click on the module or topic where you want to move them to and select Move Here from the menu.

Moving Lessons/Tests from one module to another at specific place

To move a lesson from one module to another,  before a specific lesson in the destination module, you can drop the dragged lesson on any specific lesson before which you want to insert the dragged one. This also applies to dragging and dropping tests.

Re-sequencing multiple files within a lesson

To move multiple files in the same lesson, you can go to the Files tab when the lesson is selected, and, as you move your mouse over the files, you would see an arrow icon to click to move the file up or down within the same lesson.

Moving Modules/Topics

To move modules and topics, first double-click on the icon to collapse it, then use drag and drop to move it to the desired place. You can double click again to expand it. You can also use the arrow buttons in the toolbar to move modules/topics up or down within the same parent item.

Bulk Deletion of Lessons or Tests

You can right-click on any module or topic and use Delete Tests or Delete Lessons to delete all tests/lessons from that module or topic.

A confirmation dialog would appear before the actual deletion occurs to avoid accidental deletion.

Show/Hide Lessons

In case you need to temporarily hide a lesson without deleting it, you can right-click on the lesson and use the Hide/Unhide options from the contextual menu.


Hide/Unhide Bulk Action 

You can hold the SHIFT button and click on the lesson(s) to select multiple items anywhere, and then right-click and select Hide/Unhide option.



Nothing gets saved to the server after rearranging items until you click the Save button on the toolbar, so in case you did something wrong, just clicking the refresh button or reloading the editor would revert everything.

Undoing all the edits

At any point, you can revert all the edits, by clicking on the Refresh button in the toolbar. All unsaved changes would be undone.


Effect on Existing Course Sessions

The edits you do in editor would be visible in the course sessions, so it is advised that you analyze the impact before doing it, especially if you already have course sessions using the course. Otherwise, you can create another course and import the items from the previous course into it and rearrange them in the second course.