Lesson Properties

Properties for lesson created by uploading a presentation or document


Only name is mandatory field, optionally you can specify the duration of the lesson. Some of the other fields allow you to control how learners will interact with the lesson.  

  • Duration - Duration of lesson is used in conjunction with Enforce Lesson Duration property in the course session, to enforce access to lesson only for specified time. E.g. you can have a lesson's duration set to  3 hours, which will enable course player to track the time lesson is watched by the learner, and disable the access after 3 hours of watching. Duration can also be used to set timing for each slide in the lesson, from the Timing tab of the lesson. Read more about Lesson timing here
  • Minimum required time - if you specify lesson duration and enable this checkbox option, then the specified duration will be considered as minimum time the lesson has to be viewed before it would be considered complete
  • Viewable anytime by members of course session - This property controls whether learners enrolled in any course session for this course can access this lesson or not. This property must be checked for all self paced courses. It can be kept unchecked for Blended or Instructor led courses.
  • Viewable without course session - This property allows enabling access to the lesson by learners who launch the course without a course session. This is useful for creating courses which are not scheduled, and are available to learners anytime in a self paced manner. The activities of learners in such instances are not recorded as part of any course session and their progress is also not tracked and reported.
  • Graded in Course Session Gradebook  - this property can be used to make some lessons (especially resources like Handouts) non gradable. If on, lesson's completion and progress is added as gradebook item
  • Mandatory to read - This property can be used to enforce learners open the lesson at least once before they can attempt the next items in the course. It is a simple way to enforce sequencing within a hierarchical course structure
  • Don't lock next lesson: don't lock next item, This property should be used along with 'Mandatory' if want to keep scorm mandatory but no locking for next item.
  • Require lesson to be fully viewed - if you have a video/audio and you want the lesson to be considered complete only when learner watches it till the end, you can enable this option. For lessons with files or online edited content, this option will allow you to enforce every page has to be opened before the lesson can be considered complete. If you have timed slides (or voiced) in lesson, it would be considered completed only when user watches the slide till the end

Setting both above options - if you set both the Minimum Required Time and Require Fully Viewed options, then lesson will be cosidered complete only when both conditions are met.

  • Manual Sign off Required - if manual sign-off property is enabled for a lesson, learners will be presented a sign-off button once lesson's all other conditions like fully view/min required time are met and lesson will be marked completed once user clicks signoff button. This property is used where user's manual acceptance is needed that user has read/viewed the lesson content.
  • Downloadable - This property allows a PDF version of the lesson to be downloadable by the learners from the toolbar button in the course player. Original version of the uploaded file can be downloaded from course player as well by keeping the AL T or SHIFT key pressed while clicking on Download button in the course player
  • Printable - This property allows direct printing of lessons from the course player when learners are viewing the courses.
  • Disable notes taking - This property allows to disable annotation feature for learners. To disable the annotation feature at the site level, the site admin can disable Notes feature from Site Admin->Site Details->Features tab
  • Show table of content (TOC)- this property enables showing hierarchy of topics contained inside a PDF, DOC or Presentation file uploaded for the lesson.

  • Fit content - This property controls the lesson display in course player. If checked, the lesson is stretched to fit the entire space if the course player content region. For the video lessons, this option is auto selected,  which causes video to scale and occupy full space while maintaining the aspect ratio. For presentations (landscape) you should enable this property to fit the slide within the available space.
  • Disable auto next - This property controls whether at the end of video/audio play or timed slides play, player would move to next item in the course automatically or not. By default when a video/audio lesson or a lesson with timed slides  finishes, control moves to next item in the course
  • Show lesson using scrollable view - By default lessons are shown in slide view that shows one slide (page) at a time without any scrolling, This setting can be used to enable scrolling.
  • Show presenter notes to learners also - this property allows you to enable viewing of presentation notes (contained within uploaded powerpoint files) to learners. By default these notes are viewable only by instructor and admin
  • Exclude from Linking - disallow linking of this lesson, even when course is shared
  • Logo - for uploading lesson image that will appear in open learning list if lesson is setup to show in open learning. 
  • General Info - In general info section lesson created by and creation date and last modified dates are presented.

Properties for Video lesson created by uploading a video or adding a YouTube Video/Vimeo Video

In Video lesson most of the properties are same as described for lesson created by uploading presentation. There is few additional property for video lessons -

  • Disable Seek - If enabled progress bar in video lesson doesn't allow seek.
  • Enable playback rate control - If enabled player bar provides an option to select playback speed.

You can make changes to Options of all lessons in a course by using Apply to All button, which would copy options from the present lesson to other lessons in the course. Note that this may also result in unwanted options getting copied. For example Fit to size is normally kept on for Videos but should be off for Word document/PDFs, and using Apply All may result in something which may not be appropriate for all lessons in your course. So review the changes carefully after using Apply to All action.