Tests Properties and weights

Quiz Properties

  • Name - this property can be used to assign a different name to this test (or survey) inside the course, regardless of its original name.
  • Max Attempts - this property controls how many times, a learner in a course session can attempt this test, if not specified then there is no restriction on the number of attempts. Once a learner has attempted the test without passing, the instructor of course session (or admin) can clear the test attempts by learner to allow more attempts
  • Lock After First Pass - Don't allow next attempt after passing the Quiz.
  • Copy answer on re-attempt - This allows to copy user's previous attempts answer in next attempt.
  • Course TOC visible - This property allows to show/hide TOC area while taking test.
  • Graded - this property controls whether the scores of this test be added in gradebook
  • Weight - Weight can be assigned on each Gradable Quiz that will be used for Course grading calculation. This field appears only if '' property is on in Course properties.
  • Enrolled members in a course session can take the test anytime (keep checked for self paced courses) - This property allows enrolled members in course sessions to take the test 
  • Users can take the test without course session (without enrollment to course session) - This property controls whether non enrolled users can view this test
  • Mandatory to pass this test to proceed - This property can be used to enforce learners to pass the test before they can attempt the next items in the course. 
  • - This property is used not to lock next item, In the case this item is mandatory to proceed.
  • Test completion validity across courses - This property is used to allow test completion status reflected in other courses using the same test. If property is not enabled user need to retake same test in every course session even if user passed in one course session.
    • Test completion is reflected in all course sessions user is enrolled at the time of test completion or later enrolled.
    • Please note course session will not be awarded even if test is the only mandatory item in the course and completion is marked test completion in any other course session.
  • Send Email to Instructors - This property is used to enable test start and test finish email to course session instructor. If test is preview-able and taken in preview mode, email will be sent to course owner (if course is owned by a group then email will be sent to admins/Instructors of that group).

Assigning weight in all Quizzes

Enable weighted grading property -

Now you will see a Weight entry field in quizzes properties -


There is a option to assign weights to all quizzes at one place ( rather than assigning using each quiz property) - Click   icon present in Course - Content tab.

It opens a popup window that allows entering weight for each gradable quiz.

1. You can assign equal weight in all quizzes by clicking 'Assign Equal weights' [ By default Grading scheme uses equal weight in all gradable quizzes]

2. You can assign weight in few quizzes and

Click 'Assign Equal weights' option to assign remaining weight equally in other quizzes.

Click Apply to save assigned weight corresponding to each Quiz. [ Note total should be equal to 100.00 otherwise system will throw a warning to correct it and weight value should be greater than 0 ].

To clear previously assigned values use 'Unassign all weights' option.

You can make changes to Options of all quizzes in a course by using Apply to All button, which would copy options from the present quiz to other quizzes in the course.