Course Using Narrated and Animated PowerPoint

If you have narrated PowerPoint presentations, you can import them into the course as a lesson as an uploaded file type (the normal way you would upload a PowerPoint file). After the lesson is processed (converted to SWF), you would be able to preview it, and all slides would be present without any audio or timing. You need to perform a few additional steps to process the contained audio with each slide.

Note - use only PPTX files for getting these advanced options in LMS. If you have a PPT file, you can save it as PPTX first locally, before uploading. Also, if you have audio for the slides, then make sure these audio files are embedded rather than linked.

A. Creating a New lesson - using the 'Upload file type' option.

B. Drag and drop the pptx file into the right panel of the Course Editor -

File Processing: The file goes through a conversion process to create a PDF, SWF, and thumbnail. Once the conversion is completed, the split option appears.

C. Split Lesson into parts: You would see Split Lesson into parts button when you select the lesson created from the PPTX. Click on this button to split the PPTX lesson into individual slides.


After the split, your lesson's slide would result in several lessons being created with a single slide in each of them. Besides showing the 1-page slide, these individual parts also have linked Audio imported from the PowerPoint. Open the AV tab to check the imported audio.

The original lesson would become hidden in the course (would appear with an orange color and strikethrough font in the editor and would not appear in the course player). 

 Slide Audio file is present in the Video/Audio Tab -


Course player - These slides would appear like this in the course player -


Additional Resources - Video Tutorial for creating a course using narrated PowerPoint :



Create a course using animated PowerPoint presentations

A. Create a lesson by uploading an animated PowerPoint presentation: Upon upload, the file will be processed.

B. Split Lesson in individual slides using the 'With animation' option: After the processing is complete, you will see 2 split options: 'With animation' and 'without animation'. Use with animation for a PowerPoint having animation.

C. Slide processing after split: Each slide is converted into a video. Video processing takes some time depending upon the processing queue.


D. Course player: will not show the striked out lesson (that has the original file). Only lessons created as part of the splitting will be presented.



Additional Resources: Video Tutorial for creating a course using an animated presentation:


Tips :

  • Embedded vs linked Audio file: If audio is not working after the upload and split process, please check whether the audio files are embedded or linked in your presentation. Embedded audio files are stored within the PowerPoint file but a linked file is stored outside of the presentation (on the local computer where the pptx file was created). To verify audio is embedded and not linked, access that PowerPoint using some other computer (not the original where the presentation was created). If audio works from the other computer, this means that the audio is embedded. In the case of the linked file, you will see a message 'Media not found" when trying to play audio from the other computer.
  • File type ppt vs pptx: Please make sure you are uploading a pptx file and not a ppt file.
  • How to hide speaker icon on slides: When creating a narrated PowerPoint, you can drag the audio icon off the edge of the slide.
  • Supported audio files - We support WAV, MP3 and WMA all 3 formats typically embedded in PowerPoint files. If you record the audio in PowerPoint 2013, its most likely a WMA format, but for older versions, it's typically a WAV format.
  • Slide Size: A PowerPoint slide size can be changed to widescreen as most of the users have wide screens; the course player will not show a scroll bar for widescreen presentation.


Lesson Processing Details:

When a presentation is uploaded, it goes through multiple processing steps. In the Lesson content tab, you can check indicators to verify the processing status. When a process completes, its respective indicator becomes bold. Once all items are bold, you can be sure that the final version is ready.

You might see an inaccurate view of the slide until W bit is not bold like W.