Sharing course in multiple sites

Sharing across multiple sites owned by same Owner

Since courses and tests are reusable resources and can be authorized into many groups, we can achieve the same course or test being available in multiple sites by adding it to multiple groups which belong to different sites. Read more about Course Authorization here...

  • Signup for EduBrite business edition, and create your first microsite. Let's assume we will use this microsite as the place for all the authoring activity of courses. We'll call this site as Publisher site
  • Now login to EduBrite Accounts (, using the same username and password which you created in previous step
  • Create one or more microsite from the Accounts home page, these sites will be your delivery sites which can be branded as per the need
  • Now login to each of the delivery sites, and create a group in each. The group will be where we'll add courses in these sites
  • Add new site members, and add them to the group
  • Come back to publisher site, and create course
  • Change the authorization level of the course to Private, and select the groups from each of the other delivery sites. Now these groups will have access to the course
  • Publish the course
  • Schedule the course in each selected group, by selecting any option, and repeat the step for group in each delivery site

You have now completed all the steps needed to have users from different delivery sites go through the courses. You can also login to the delivery sites and create bundled Programs, just like regular process of program creation.


Sharing across multiple customer owned sites

Publisher Site

  • Create a Shared Collection (which is a Group of different type) by going to Site Admin->Shared Collection (If you don't see this menu option, then you would need to enable this feature by going to Site Admin -> Site Details -> Features and enabling the option Shared Library)
  • Enable or Disable the Publicly Viewable flag of the Shared collection group. Keeping it ON will allow other site owners to view your collection. Non publicly viewable collections won't be visible to non authorized sites. For most cases, you would like to keep it OFF and allow access explicitly by making a site owner of another microsite as a member of this shared collection. You can also setup the Membership type to Open, By Request or By Invitation. This is identical to the Group Access policy for a regular group
  • If you want to authorize another site (ex a customer site as defined below) to be able to use your courses or tests available in the shared collection, then add the owner of that customer site as a member of the shared collection group. You can do this by adding the user using the username option (Shared Collection -> Members -> Add/Invite Members -> Specify Username)
  • If any other site owners have requested access to your shared collection (because the shared collection is publicly visible and membership type is "By Request"), you would see them from members tab of the shared collection, from where you can approve or reject their request
  • Create and authorize (into the shared collection) courses and tests which you would like to share with external microsites

In the customer sites

  • Microsite owner can view the visible shared collections from Site Admin->Shared Collections (Requires enabling the feature Shared Library). A shared collection is visible if either it is publicly viewable or the site owner is a member of that collection. They can also click on any public collection which they are not a member of and join it (if Membership Type is Open) OR request its membership (if Membership Type is By Request), which would result into an email notification going out to the owner of the collection. From the visible list of collections, they can add the specific collections they would like to import in their microsite (by selecting the Add checkbox and using the Save button).
  • Once the collections are added to the microsite, any course contained in the collection, will become visible in the Published courses tab. Any test available in the collection would be visible under the Imported Tests tab (Test -> View Tests -> Imported Tests)
  • These courses and tests can then be scheduled inside any group in the microsite
  • This process can be repeated for different customer microsites
  • In the customer microsites, enrollment counts of the courses will include only the users of that microsite. If the enrollment counts are viewed from the publisher site, it will include counts from all customer sites
  • Publisher can monitor the usage of the courses and tests from their own site, without having to ever go to any of the customer microsites.