Course Sharing on LinkedIn and Facebook

If you are a user of EduBrite Personal Edition, or have enabled the Facebook/LinkedIn integration feature in your Business Edition microsite, you can create courses and share them on your Activity Streams in LinkedIn and Facebook. The people connected with you in your network would be able to use the Shared Link (link contains a token) to launch the course. You can make some or all lessons in the course Previewable to allow anyone to view them. Here is what you need to do to use this feature

  • Link your user account to your Facebook and/or LinkedIn. This can be done from the Accounts -> Accounts & Settings page
  • Create course, and enable its sharing option from the Properties tab

  • Make some (or all) lessons Previewable in the course
  • Make some (or all) quizzes Previewable (by checking Users can take the test without course session option)
  • Publish the course and open course player by clicking on the Preview button
  • Click on the Share button



  • Shared information will be posted to your LinkedIn and Facebook activity stream