Downloadable Resources in Courses

To add supporting files in your courses like handouts, pdf forms etc, follow these steps:

  • Open the course details page and click on the drop down menu next to Edit button

  • Click on Resources menu
  • On the resource page, you can add articles, files, link etc.
  • To add files, click on Create menu and select File menu

  • From the dialog, you can click on browse and select files to be uploaded, or use drag and drop method and drop any files in the dialog
  • Click upload

  • Now go to course session page (for this course) and edit the settings
  • Enable Resources tab if its not already enabled.

  • Now if you check Resource tab for course session, you can find the uploaded resources. These can viewed online or downloaded

  • You can add resources in Course, that would be available in all course sessions for that course
  • You can also add courseSession specific resources directly in course session's resources tab