Content Template for Online Editor type lesson

Online lesson templates can be created in CMS, those can be used for online lesson creation. 

Template creation

Access CMS and use create new lesson content template option.

A template page can be created using header,page headings images,link etc.  Once content is created save and publish this template to make it available during lesson creation time.

Lesson Creation Using Template

When creating a lesson, Create lesson provides option to select predefined lesson type templates (contains lesson type and lesson specific properties) or select a lesson type. 

Once user selects an option to create online editor lesson, In next step Online lesson content template list appears (if content template are preset in the site). User can pick a template or click 'continue without template' link to create lesson without using any content template. 

If user selected a template, New lesson will be created using that template and user can now completes lesson content. 

Content template provides an easy option of creating a online lessons structure and follow the same when adding new lessons.