EduBrite Macros for Confluence Server

EduBrite macros provide an option to arrange LMS widgets/pages in a Confluence page. 

Available macros list and details - 

  • EduBrite Catalog Macro - for embedding catalog in Confluence pages. 
  • EduBrite Course Player Macro - for embedding course/course session in confluence page. Macro provides filtering option to embed a filtered catalog using metadata based filtering. Default sorting criteria can also be specified for the embedded catalog. 
  • EduBrite Leaderboard Macro - for embedding site level or group level leaderboard in confluence page. 
  • EduBrite LMS Launch Button Macro - for embedding LMS Launch Button in any confluence page for accessing LMS directly.
  • LMS Report Macro - for embedding LMS reports in a confluence page, Report type, a sorting option can be specified and provide an option to run the report as a specified user. 
  • Program Details Macro - for embedding a specific program's program details page.
  • Quiz Player Macro - for embedding a quiz or survey in a confluence page.
  • Training Dashboard Macro - for customizing the Training Dashboard and select the tabs that are relevant for your training needs.
  • User Info Macro - for embedding user info (completed courses/programs earned badges etc) in a confluence page.

Inside the Confluence page, you can click 'Insert more content' option and select 'Other Macros' option. 

In select macro popup search for EduBrite, it will pull EduBrite's all available macros. Select a macro as per your need, some macros will require additional info e.g. if embedding course player, you need to provide course URL to add a course in the page.