Catalog List and Macro

Catalog presents a list view of available course sessions, program sessions and events available in LMS.

By default the catalog in LMS only shows paid items, but for Gilly specific scenario, you can make the catalog display all Paid as well as Open to self enroll items by adding CATALOG_ALL_ACCESS_TYPES=true in the site admin->site details->customization . With this, you can always present list of items available for any group, user is a member of. So view of catalog list could be different for different users depending on which groups they are member of.

The catalog list can be accessed from the menu (As a standalone page) or it can be added to an existing Confluence page using the catalog macro.

Catalog opened as a Standalone Page

Catalog Macro

You can find catalog macro in the External content category under macro browser (or simply search for Catalog in list of available macros).

On next screen you can enter any optional settings for the catalog list.

Following fields in macro properties can be set.

  • itemName - initialize the catalog list by searching for specific course session/program session or event. If you initialize this field, then in the inserted macro when it renders, text search field will be hidden.
  • itemType - you can selectively display list of catalog items of a specific type - Select either CS: Course Session, PS: Program Session or EV: Event. If you initialize this field, then type drop down will be hidden in the rendered macro
  • sortBy - you can enter name, price, code or date.
  • sortOrder - asc or desc
  • metadata filter - you can enter a JSON formatted string here that passes the parameters for filtering list for specific metadata. E.g. if your metadata definition includes a subject with id s1, then you can enter {subject1=s1}.
  • pageSize: number of records to show on one page