Import confluence page in a course

Confluence pages can be imported as a lesson in a course. If there is any update in confluence page, It can be synced using a single click to update lesson content. 

A single click import and sync provides a mechanism to use confluence pages as lesson in course for formal learning and tracking user's progress. 

Adding confluence page as a lesson

For adding confluence page in a lesson, A lesson should be created using online editor type lesson. Online editor type lesson provides an icon to import confluence page. You just need to provide confluence page link that needs to be imported. 

Example confluence page 

Add lesson

Following screenshots show step by step action needed to import a page as a lesson.


Imported content 

Once confluence URL is provided, LMS imports that page's content in the lesson. here is the example page created by importing confluence page.

Multiple confluence page can be arranged as lessons in a course that can be offered for a formal training. 

Please note: Don't use link of other pages and macros in the confluence page that you want to import.  

Syncing confluence page content in lms lesson

If confluence page is updated, to apply that change in imported lesson a single click manual sync option is available. 

Updated coonfluece page 

Syncing lesson content 

Online editor toolbar provided an additiona 'Sync' option for imported lessons. When user clicks this icon, a confirmation message appears to proceed the syncing operation. Once user click 'OK' to procced, page is updated with new content.



Automatic Syncing 

At lesson there is a option to enable automatic syncing, If it's enabled an automatic syncing operation runs periodically.