Test Management Features 

  • Test Authoring (via EduBrite Assessment microsite) or import tests from word / excel
  • Flexible scoring schemes with
    • Default Marks for each question specified at test level, which can be overridden at section or question level
    • Penalty for wrong answers (negative marking) for each question specified at test level, which can be overridden at section or question level
    • Weighted scores for specific choices via Gradient type questions
    • Passing marks for the test
  • Show the result immediately or keep it hidden from test takers
  • Show the answers after the test or keep it hidden
  • Question sequence randomization so each test taker sees the questions in different order
  • Question Choice randomization for multiple choice questions
  • Add solution for the test and each question
  • Add additional instructions for test takers
  • Support for following question types
    • Single response or Multi response, objective type questions (bubble / circle)
    • Numeric short answer fill in the blank
    • Text short answer fill in the blank
    • Match type with single or multiple response
    • Gradient type
  • Rich text in question/section text, choices. support for any number of inlined images, equations (via MS Word equation editor)
  • Metadata for test, and every question can be specified for tagging them into various subject/topic, difficulty level. Following metadata (dimension) are supported
    • Subject (one or more subjects can be selected from a hierarchical taxonomy which could be several level deep to support topic, subtopic)
    • Exam
    • Region
    • Skill Level
    • Complexity (level of difficulty)
  • Create question bank of tagged questions, and generate new tests from the question bank using any number of attributes in the query criteria
  • Create collections of tests for permission control, collections (group) will be accessible only to the members of the group
  • Create tests for anytime test taking or keep it private for using in exams/assignments

Test Taking Features

  • Easy navigation
    • Paged navigation
    • Section level navigation
    • Question index (to allow going to any specific question)
  • Test status monitor showing attempted, not attempted questions
  • Time tracking, clock to show available time, reminder before test completion
  • Pause and resume (if test is configured to allow pause)
  • Test taking history report
  • Automatic & instant scoring, detailed report of the test attempt with test, section and question level details

Exam Management Features

  • Create exam with one or more tests for a group of candidates
  • Schedule the exam and each test in the exam
  • Email notifications to candidates
  • Track exam attendance
  • PDF and Excel reports for each test and exam showing detailed scores, ranks, percentile, objectives, histograms
  • Re use tests in multiple exams
  • Add generated tests in exam