Managing Program Members

Program members list 

Members list shows all learners in the program regardless of which session they are enrolled into. You can view their currently earned credits, completion statues from this page.

  • Listing shows users program Status ( completed/ enrolled)
  • User's program enrollment date, End date, Due date ( if specified).
  • Total credits earned in the program.
  • Program completion date and certificate link, if program is completed.

Actions available on program list page

  • Sync credits - Using sync credit option user's course credits can be manually synced in a program. Although if auto grading is ON in course sessions, as soon as the learner completes any course session, their program record gets automatically updated and number of credits earned is incremented by the credit assigned to the course. But you can also Sync Credits manually to handle following cases
    • when auto grading is OFF and course-session's grade book is manually updated by the instructor or when 
    • when user had completed few courses and enrolls in a program later on. In this case users previously completed credits can be synched in the program.
  • Set End Date - selected user's program end date can be set as a bulk operation.

  • Set Due Date - selected user's program due date can be set as a bulk operation.
  • Remove members from program.
  • Edit link - opens a popup window to update program member details. Admin or instructor can perform following actions -
  1. Manually Award a program or reset award using award checkbox.
  2. Extend program member end date, extension can be applied in all course sessions part of the program.
  3. Set/Update due date.
  4. Update Program Completion Date
  5. To Expire Award validity - that will allow learner to enroll in other program session of same program and new session will be tracked as new attempt in the program.



Program Member Details Page

Username link on program members list page opens program member details page. 

Program Member page shows user's course wise enrollment details, progress. It provides links to open each course transcript. It shows overall program enrollment details like - enrollment date, end date, due date, earned credits and certificate link to open certificate. Program transcript link is also present on this page. Edit link opens program member edit popup.