Add Members in Program Session

You can add learners (members) in the program session for some or all course sessions which are available in the program session. Each learner can also self enroll in the program session.

To add learner

Step 1: Open the programs listing from Course->Programs menu


Step2: Click on any program, to open the program details page. Select the program session from the drop down, where you want to add the learner, and click on View Details to open the program session details page.

Note - You can also add learner in the program (using Add Members), but it would not add them to any program session (which contains the course session). This is a common mistake we have seen

Step 3: Once you are on Program Session page, select Add Members option.


One the next screen, select one of three ways of adding members.

Select existing group members: You can select learners from the list

Enter usernames (comma separated): In this case those users must exist in the site already, and they will be added to program session (and also the group in case they are not already a group member)

Enter emails: In this case, if a user with same email id exists in the site, it would be used otherwise a new user id will be created with username same as email. You can enter multiple emails separated by comma.