Program for courses free access

If there are predefined set of courses those are paid items for most users (general customers) and free for some (employees and preferred customers). These course's can be grouped in a program so that a free coupon code can be setup at program session level for free access. 

  • Program - Add courses those can be grouped for giving free access.
  • Program Session - Create Program Session having access type as 'by invite' and create linked paid course sessions.
  • Coupon at program session level for a customer/employee group, If a free coupon is available at program session level, group members will get free access in course sessions those are part of that program session.

Course sessions will be listed in the catalog for self enrollment and users can purchase single item through payment.

For a preferred customer group at program session a full value coupon can be created, that provides group members free access to these course session (No payment or manual coupon entry involved). Subscription period and usages can be controlled by coupon code.   

Group admin can enroll group members in these course sessions without any payment and those enrollment will be tracked as coupon usages.