Program Session - Self Enrollment

Program sessions can be listed in catalog for self enrollment. By default catalog list includes only paid sessions but there are settings to include Open/Open-Group Admin approval items also in catalog list (Please refer to article catalog customization for details.) 

A. Catalog List View  (Paid Program Session)

Program Details ( View before enrollment)

Registration Flow

  • Create an account (New User) OR Sign-in (Existing User)

  • Payment Page -

User provides all the details and CC information. If user has any coupon that can also be entered on payment page to get the discount.

  • Payment Success

After successful payment user lands to payment success page that provides transaction details and a link to open program session page. User also receives payment success and program enrollment emails. 

User's Program Member Page -

Program member page shows all enrolled course sessions and user can launch courses from this page. If there is any dependency setup in the program, user need to complete the prerequisite course first then next course will be available for launch. 


B. Catalog List View  (Open)

Program session having access type as 'Open' or 'Open-Group Admin approval' appears in the catalog if catalog is configured to show all access type items. 

 User can click 'Enroll' button and gets enrolled in program session as in 'Open' sessions no payment or approval is required. 

 User's enrolled program view -


Program session-Group admin approval flow

Program session having access type as 'Open-Group Admin approval' appears in the catalog for group members and provides 'Enroll' option. 

User can click 'Enroll' to initiate enrollment process. 

Group Admin receives an email for approval requests

 Email contains a link to open pending approval list. List shows all pending approval requests and option approve or reject these requests.

Learner's Program view after approval