Learner's Progress in Program

Learners would see the enrolled programs on their dashboard. It will show how many courses they have to complete in order to get the program completion certificate.

Similarly on the dashboard they would see any enrolled courses from the program as well. They will be able to launch the courses from there if the pre-requisite conditions are met. In the example below, learner can only launch one course as the other is dependent on the completion of first.

Program Member Details

From the enrolled program view on the dashboard, learners can open their membership details page. This page shows current status of enrolled courses in a program for any given learner. Learners can use this page to launch the courses or get information on their status in the program. If a course has pre-requisite which is not met, then they would not be able to launch it.

ILT Events or Exams for Program Members

If your program consists of courses which are delivered via live events, or if you conduct any online scheduled exams for course sessions, the learners would see the events specific to a course on their program member page.


Pre requisite checking

If an attempt is made to launch a course for which pre-requisite is not met, learners will get the following error message, which will instruct them about the required courses they have to complete first. And if the are enrolled in any session of the required course, they will be able to launch it.

Course Player - Open Next Course

Once a user completes a course, Course player provides option to launch Next course specified in the program

As the learner completes one of the course, their program member details page would look like this, which will show first course as awarded and will allow learner to launch the second course as its pre-requisite is now met.


When all the courses are completed by learner, their whole program is marked complete and they can download the program completion certificate. Course level certificate can be provided for each course or can be turned off as per requirement.