Program Bundle Creation

A program bundle is created by combining multiple programs. A certificate and a badge can be awarded on completion of program bundle.  

Feature - Program bundle is a site level feature that should be enabled to use bundle feature.

Program Bundle Setup :

First create all the programs those will be added in program bundle. Please refer to KB Program creation.

In this example three programs are setup -

Create Program Bundle -

 To setup a program bundle, Access 'Create Program' link present in left navigation.

 Enter a Name, code and short description, select the group in which program bundles will be offered. In program type drop down select 'Program Bundle' option and save.



Add Components -

Click components tab to add component in program bundle.

Component Tab -

Component tab shows all added components and their courses, credits etc.

Program Bundle Details :

Program bundle details shows Total Credits (i.e. sum of all components credits ), components details like courses.