Delivering an Adaptive Test with Timed Sections

This example demonstrates how one can associate time limits with one or more sections that are part of a test. Timed sections may or may not be combined with rule based question delivery within each section.

Note: Section timing can also be achieved without using adaptive tests, byt simply defining the timing, min entry and max allowed time for each sections.


An example of a timed section test is available in our demo site (You would need to login to take the test)

This test has two sections having 5 questions each. Section 1 needs to be completed in 3 minutes whereas Section 2 needs to be completed in 7 minutes. If you do not attempt all the 5 questions in Section 1 in the first allocated 3 minutes, the system would automatically take you to the first question of Section 2.


Setting up the Test

Create a test with say 9 questions and specify the total duration to be 10 minutes.


Next select the Adaptive checkbox and attach a rule as shown below for all the 9 questions in the test.


Now specify 2 sections with allowed time as 3 and 7 minutes respectively. Check the Rule Variables to know more about all the rule variables that can be used in the rule.

Now save, publish and deliver the test as usual.



var sE = parseInt(SCE);
var lqn = parseInt(LQN);

var ret = "";
if(STM == "true"){
  ret = (sE+1)+""
  ret = (lqn+1)+""
return ret;