Simple Branching - Adaptive Testing

In this example we'll see how to create an adaptive test which can branch user's progress based on response to a question. We have created a test with 10 questions. First question of the test will prompt the user to select a path from 3 choices. Based on the selection, the user would be shown path specufic 3 next questions sequentially, and then they would exit from the test.





Setting up the Test

  • Create a normal test
  • Add first question as HGR and specify 3 paths as the 3 choices. Add just one sub question which would ask user to pick a path.

  • Specify 4 points for this question, and enter 25, 50 and 75 as the choice weights which would result in user getting 1, 2 and 3 points for their attempt if they choose path1, path2 or path3
  • Add 9 additional SR questions, with questions 2,3,4 part of path1, questions 5,6,7 part of path2 and questions 8,9 and 10 consisting of path3.
  • Go to adaptive tab (click the ... to see additional tabs in the test) and select Adaptive option, and save the test once
  • Now enter the rule for question 1 as shown below


  • Now enter the rule for question 2-10 as shown below

  • Go to custom properties tab and specify MAX_Q (max num of questions seen in the test by test taker) as 4

  • Publish and take the test, with different path choosen each time.