Quiz Basic Properties

This tab allows to define some of the most common properties applicable at the test level.


Fields / Properties





Name of the test (Max size 75 characters)


Description of the test without any limit to the size

Number of Questions

Specifies the total number of questions that would be part of this test


Specifies the maximum allowed time in minutes for the test taker to complete this test

Randomize Questions

Each test taker will see the questions in this test in a different ordering. This can be selected to give every candidate a different view of the test

Randomize in all attempts

Applicable for the question if Randomize Questions setting enabled.

Applicable for choices if Randomize Choices setting enabled.

Without this option, different users get questions differently, but any given user would see questions in the same sequence all the time, even in re-attempt. With this setting, you can randomize questions in all attempts.

Randomize Choices

For SR and MR type of questions

Present each candidate with a different ordering of choices for any given question. Choices randomization setting is applicable along with question randomization. 

Uniquely randomize (shuffle) choices in every question

Randomize/Shuffle choices in every question using a unique seed.

If this setting not selected, in an attempt choices in all questions are randomized using the same seed ( e.g. In question 1 if choice A appears at the third option then in all question choice A will appear as the third choice)

Deliver only N Applicable only with the Randomize Questions setting. Allows you to deliver only a subset of total questions (randomly picked) from the test in each attempt. 
Total points in subset Applicable only with the Randomize Questions setting. Max score that a user can get in the test when Deliver only N is set up. This should be based on the count of questions specified in the subset. 
RTL Language For languages written right-to-left.

Allow Pause

Test takers will be able to pause the test while taking it. When they pause the test, the elapsed time clock is stopped at that instant and resumes when the test taker resumes the test. Paused tests are visible in the My->Test History page

Allow marking questions for review Setting allows learners to mark questions for review during test-taking.

Result Visibility

Valid for the learner role only. An administrator would always be able to see the complete result

Complete visibility, including answers – Test takers can see the complete result including answers for each question immediately after completing the test
Display only test scores, but no answers – Test takers would only see the summary of the result including test scores, no question-level detail would be shown

  • Show scores for individual questions – Test takers would see only test level as well as individual question level scores. However, no answer would be shown
  • Show individual question's solution– Test takers would see questions solution but no answer.

Display result without score -Test takers would only see result status pass/fail, scores wouldn't be shown to the learner. 

Instant feedback, with all answers and solution – Answers and Solution would be shown after the attempt of each question, once all attempts on a question are exhausted. Instant feedback works only for question types Single/multiple responses or fill in the blank type questions. For other types of questions, the result page shows the feedback (the answer was correct or incorrect).

Instant feedback, without showing correct answers – Feedback will be provided that will show whether the answer was correct or wrong, but the system will not show what is the correct answer.

Instant feedback, with all answers and solution, no re-attempt – Answers and Solution would be shown after the first attempt of each question, no reattempt on the question will be allowed.

Not Visible – Absolutely no result would be shown to the test taker ( Option is applicable only for scheduled tests.)