Deliver few random questions from question pool

Create a test with enough number of questions in it (as an example lets create a test with 10 questions), when delivering this test to a learner, you can deliver only a subset of few random questions from full set. 

    Test Properties -

  • Randomize questions - select option to randomize questions for delivery (questions will be randomized for each user).
  • Randomize in all attempts - select option to randomize questions for each attempt of same user. If not selected a user will get same set of questions in all attempts.
  • Deliver Only N questions - Specify the number of questions you want to deliver to learner.
  • Total points in subset - Quiz total marks for learner (calculate using number of delivered questions * marks per question) 


        Test Scoring -
             Total Points - Total points of full set of questions  [ Recalculate - calculates total points using total questions and points per questions ]
             Points Per Questions - Number of points per question
             Passing Points - a) Number of points needed to pass the quiz ( When delivering N number of question, specify passing marks considering only N questions user will attempt)
                                        b) If you wish to mention percentage (instead of absolute passing points), you can do so by entering the percentage and enabling the (percentage % of total) sub-option.


For the Advanced Question Pool Settings, refer to this article