Quiz UI Options

This tab presents various options which can be used to control the user experience of the test taker.

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Test Metadata

Allows attaching metadata to the test

Test Solution

Allows attaching one or more solutions to the test

Save as Template Allows saving test properties as a template, that can be used to apply these settings in other tests.

Test Instructions

Allows attaching instructions for the test. Instructions is some content which is displayed to the test taker during the start of the test


Fields / Properties



Pagination Scheme

Selecting Question, displays the indicated number of questions per page.

Selecting Section, displays one section per page.

Allow only Forward Navigation

Previously attempted questions cannot be reattempted by going back to them.Only forward button would remain enabled

All Questions Mandatory

All questions have to be attempted before the test can be finished.

All sub questions Mandatory

All sub questions in grid type questions have to be attempted before the test can be finished.

All questions must be answered correctly All questions have to be answered correctly before the test can be finished. [Applicable with Instant feedback type of questions]
Allow file upload in Essay Questions Allows test taker to upload a file along with essay type questions to share more detail.

Max answers in multi response questions

The field limits on how many answers are allowed for a multi response(MR) question type

Max attempts for a question in instant feedback mode This field allows how many max attempts are allowed in a instant feedback setting.

Numeric Choice Labels

While taking a test/survey, options are displayed in numeric (1,2,3..) v/s alphabets (A,B,C ...)

Example: Alphabet Labels

Numeric Labels

Show Question Index

While taking a test, candidate get to see a question index panel allowing them to directly go to a specific question

Section Display Style

Each test can have multiple test sections. This property is used to define how the sections would be displayed on the test taking page

Link, Dropdown, Custom

Show Solution Inline with Questions Solution will be presented inline with questions. If this option not selected 'view solution' link appears for each question to show sloution page.
Previous/Next buttons on top Navigation buttons previous/next would be shown before the questions content  on any page (default setting)
Previous/Next buttons on bottom Navigation buttons previous/next would be shown after the questions content  on any page. This option can be useful in case you have plan to use more than 1 question per page. This option works independent of previous option (top buttons would still be there if the top option was checked)
Show save button A save button to explicitly save intermediate answers during test taking. Auto save anyways happen every 2 minutes. Save button appears before the Finish button.
Hide points during test taking

Candidates do not see points associated with each question

Hide question timing info during test taking Time info will not be visible during test taking.
Result tabs

Which tabs to show in result view. All tabs are enabled by default. Overview and Question tabs are shown for all tests, other tabs are shown only conditionally (e.g. when there are sections in the test then only sections tab will show).

Using the checkboxes you can hide specific tabs as needed. Also which tab to show by default (Overview is shown by default) can be changed using default tab dropdown.