Updating published Tests

You can re-edit the test to make any changes. You can change scores for each question, change correct choice options, and also add or delete questions.


Open the test which is in Approved status in the editor. You will notice the content is not editable. Click on the Re-edit icon in the toolbar. This will make the fields in the editor writable and the status of test will become Approved-Edit


Make any kind of updates you want in the test. While you make updates, the published version of the test will remain unaffected by your changes. You can save the in-progress edits and open the test again to resume editing.

Questions add/edit is done same way as a new test is created. Please refer to video tutorial Create Test


Once the changes are completed, you can publish the test again. Once publishing is complete, your changes will become visible to anyone who takes the test.


Fixing already completed test attempts

Suppose you made changes in the test which can affect the scores of already completed test attempts, you can recompute the scores of those earlier attempts. This can be done by going to test attempts page from Reports-> All Test Scores. Open the list page, filter the list to narrow down the specific test attempts. Then click on

  • Recompute Score - to calculate the score, correct, incorrect answer count for the test attempts
  • Reset Metrics - for each test attempt, system records scores for each metadata dimension (if you are using metadata feature) subject, complexity, skill . These scores get computed upon finish of a test attempt. When you recompute the score, these metrics may become stale, so it is good to reset (delete) those computed metrics
  • Populate Metrics - after resetting the metrics, you can populate it again using this link

Updating Course/Program Award Status

If the test was used in a course and due to old incorrect settings, some users passed the test and were awarded the course completion, then you will need to manually reset the user's course award status first (before recompute score), or if you have already done the recompute score, then you need to manually reset user's award status and apply grading rule. Recompute score process performs score correction and applies grading rule if the user has not already been awarded the course completion.