Quiz/Survey Editor

The editor provides a rich user experience for both regular and advanced users. The key highlights of the test editor includes

  • Create both quizzes (tests) and surveys
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor
  • Ability to attach/embed images,audio,video for both question text and choices
  • Move questions around
  • Import questions from existing tests
  • Import questions from Word Templates
  • Fields are logically grouped into tabs (eg Scoring tab has information about points, passing points, points per question etc and Section tab has information regarding multiple sections of the test)
  • Provides contextual commands with visual icons at tab level to perform various operations
  • Schedule an Exam

to insert a quiz or feedback in the course, you need to first create it using this editor, and then while creating the course, you can insert it after lessons in any module.

Components of Editor - Tabs & Commands

The properties that can be specified at the test level are all logically divided into multiple tabs for easier location. For each tab and also based upon the current state in the entire test creation process, multiple commands are available to the test author. Each of these contextual commands help the test author to create and publish a test in the most seamless way possible. Various commands are available to help the author to specify the properties of the test, change the look and feel, authorize the test etc. Note that few commands (like saving the test, submitting the test for approval and approving the test) are common across all tabs. Details for each tab, properties for that tab and commands available in the tab have been discussed in the next few related articles.

Common Commands

Following is the list of commands which are available across all the tabs.


  Save icon

Description - Saves all the properties of the test across each and every tab.

Visibility Condition - Not visible if the test has already been published. Consult the Re-edit command given below.



 Preview Icon

                Description - Allows the test author to preview (see exactly how it would appear) the test as it would for the test taker.

                Visibility Condition - Always



  Publish Icon

                Description - Each test after it is authored goes through a workflow process where it is reviewed for correctness,

                approved by the reviewer followed by publishing so that the test can then be taken by the test taker. First step towards

                this multi step process is Submit, which allows the test author to submit the test for review and approval.

                Visibility Condition - Not visible if the test has already been published or it is waiting for approval. Consult the

                Re-edit command given below.


Test Delete Icon

               Description - Delete the test.

               Visibility Condition - User has to be owner of the test


Change Log

Change Log Icon

               Description - View all the approval logs that have been recorded against this test. Approval logs are entered by the

               test approver as part of the Approval/Rejection step.

               Visibility Condition - Always

Print to PDF

Print PDF Icon

               Description - Create a PDF with all questions.

               Visibility Condition - Always



Re-Edit icon

               Description - Once a test has been published, this command needs to be invoked in order to edit the test again.

               Visibility Condition - Visible only when the test has already been published and is locked for further editing. If this

               command is visible then Save, Submit, Approve and Reject are not visible.


Start Creating a Test Or Survey

The test editor can be used to create (and edit) a test or a survey. To start creating a test, use the Test -> Create Test menu item. Only users with Administrator and Instructor role can create tests. Refer to User Administration for more details about various roles.

While creating a new test or survey, specify few properties like name and total questions. If it is a survey then check the Is Survey checkbox. Duration property is not applicable in the case of a survey. Now click the save command. This opens up the entire test editor with all the available tabs and commands.

Additional Resources:

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