Surveys in Gilly

Surveys in Gilly

Surveys can be created and conducted for Gilly users in two different formats.

  • Standalone surveys (without any date boundaries) delivered to all or a set of Gilly users
  • Bounded surveys (need to be taken within a date range) delivered to all or a set of Gilly users

The first step in the process of survey delivery is to create the survey. This needs to be done in the microsite where all authoring happens. Refer to Survey Authoring article for more details about how to create and authorize a survey.


Accessing the Survey

The Gilly users who are authorized for the survey would now be able to access the survey either using the Test Collections tab (for Standalone surveys) or Enrolled Exams tab (for survey assigned to the user) or Available Exams tab (for scheduled but not yet enrolled Surveys). A survey has no time limit and therefore an user can take any amount of time to complete the survey.