Event enrollment

Access type and enrollment flow

  • Enrollment by site admin only

( Access Type - By Invite)

Events those are not available for self enrollment by learners, should have access type set as 'By Invite'. These events will not appear on calendar / catalog / dashboard event widget for self enrollment. Site admin can add participants in these events and once user subscribed, learner's calendar and dashboard will show those subscribed events.

  • Self Enrollment

( Access Type - Free and Paid  )

Site level events (paid / free) appears on calendar and users can self enroll in those events after creating an account and making payment ( if price associated).

Group level events (paid / free) appears on group member's calendar for self enrollment. Group events will not appear on users calendar those are not member of event's parent group.

  • Self Enrollment

( Access Type - Paid and Event created within course session)

To list an event on course catalog page, event should be created within a course session and it's access type should be set as paid ( if it's free make it paid with price as 0). learners can self enroll in events listed on catalog after making payment. Events full description can be added using event placements ( Big banner, Learning objective and payment

  • Self Enrollment with Approval

( Access Type - Open-Instructor's Approval or Open-Group Admin's Approval)

learners can initiate enrollment in events from calendar/ Event widget of dashboard, After that user's event membership stays in 'pending-approval' status and group admin or instructor (as per access type) needs to approve enrollment.  


Users enrollment by Site Admin

Site Admin/Instructor have access to add participants in all type of events. There is no restriction for any type of event.

Access event participants tab to add participants in the event, There are multiple enrollment options available for adding members in event.

Add Participants list

Available users list can be filtered for course session members only. Users list can be filtered for group members only, Selected members can be added in the event. Bulk enrollment option to enroll all group members is also available.

Invoice creation during enrollment :

At the time of enrollment, invoice can be generated and payment can be marked pending. This covers the flow when admin enrolls users and sends them invoices and later on payments are received.

When creating a invoice, an existing invoice's invoice id can be specified. In that case new enrollments will be linked to specified invoice id. This provides a way to have a single invoice for multiple users. 

An external Invoice Id field is also available, that can be used to keep invoice id that was generated by some other system and can be specified in LMS for reporting purpose. 

Participants List :

Participants list shows InvoiceId, Payment pending status and provide a notes field to enter note for each participant.


Payment Transaction Report :

Transaction details appears in transaction report and list provides an option to manually marking pending payments as paid once payments are received.

Event Participants list :

Participants list removes payment tag 'payment pending', once invoices are marked as paid through payment transaction report.


Users Self Enrollment Flow

Calendar View ( Free / Paid events )

Free events link takes user to sign-in page and paid events opens event overview page to get full details of event before making payment.


Catalog View

Events created within a course session and having access type as paid are listed on course catalog page.

Catalog list page view -

 Event Overview page

  In self enrollment flow a guest user (not logged-in) is taken to registration page on clicking Buy button. If user is logged in user is directly taken to payment page.

Enrolled user's dashboard