Live session later replaced with recording

Instructor led trainings are mapped as events in EduBrite, events can be offered as part of a course session. This article covers a commonly used scenario - A live event is offered as part of a course session and users subscribe to event to attend live training, Once event is over that event's recording is uploaded in that course and new users can enroll into course session to access event recording. This scenario can be setup by following main steps -

  1. Setup for Future Event
    • Create a course ( No course content is needed) and Create course session
    • Create event within course session ( Events can be created using integration with multiple online Conferencing Tool )
    • Users can self enroll in event.
  2. Post Event Actions -
  • Event recording can be uploaded in the course as a lesson.
  • Course session is made available for enrollment ( Change AccessType as paid)
  • New users can enroll in CS and access recording.

In this scenario few other things can be added as awarding course certificate to users those either attended live training or watched recorded training. A survey can be added in the course that can be made available to users after live training is over.

Detailed Setup Instruction :

  • Create a course

It could be a empty course having no content. Authorize to group you want to deliver the training.

  • Create a Course Session

Use Schedule icon to create a course session. Please note at this point you are scheduling the CS, Events will be added within this course session. Course Session Access - By invite, so that it doesn't appear on the catalog for enrollment.

Course Session Access should be set as 'By invite' so that it doesn't appear on the catalog for enrollment. Events added within this course session will be listed in catalog for enrollment.

Update course session settings -

 Enable 'Events' ( Needed to add events), Enable 'No Launch' ( So that course Launch tab will not show up)

  • Create Event ( Live training - in this example using GTW integration)

Access course session event tab and Create Event option.

For creating online event select 'Online Class ( Virtual Classroom) option.

Event Details - You can create a GTW event using Edubrite or you can import an already created event in citrix. 

Create event - Enter event name, event starts date time and duration, event access type Paid ( Only paid items are listed in catalog page for self enrollment, If it's a free event price can be set as 0). Once saved a  webinar will be created in GTW site and that id will be imported and linked to edubrite event.

Add Event Full Description in big banner placement, it will be available for user to view event details before enrollment.

Big Banner -

Event View On Catalog and Calendar

Buy button appears for events having non zero price associate, for events with zero price will show Enroll button in place of Buy button.

Catalog Page - Event Name Link will open event full description

Calendar - Event

Event will appear on the calendar  and clicking the event link will take user to event details page.

User Enrollment Flow

User can view event details and click Buy or Enroll ( for free events ) button to enroll in the event.

  • Guest User will be taken to registration page to create an account, After account creation payment page will appear ( if price is associated).  Once payment is completed successfully, user gets enrolled in the event.
  • A signed in user is directly taken to payment page.
  • User receives following emails ( If enabled on site level)
  1. Welcome email ( On Registration)
  2. Payment Successful ( After transaction is successfully completed)
  3. Event enrollment email

User Dashboard after enrollment ( Calendar view)

User's dashboard event panel shows event as subscribed event, Calendar also shows a tick mark as a identifier for subscribed events.


Joining Online Event from LMS 

On event's scheduled start time a JOIN button will appear on event's details page, Users can join the event by clicking that button.


Setup After Event Completed

1. Update Course

 Edit Course, add a lesson and upload video recording. Save and Publish the course.


2. Update Course Session Access Type

As now course session will be listed in catalog, change course session access type as Paid and provide payment info - price, payment method (for free enter price as 0).

3. Update Course Session Settings -

Disable 'No Launch' option and course session can be launched to view recording.

4. Add Description in course session big banner.

4. Update Description in Event big banner.

   In Event big banner add a message and link ( pointing to course session catalog link ) so that users can find a path to view recorded training from event details page.

5. Catalog View

Catalog will show course session as it's made paid and event will not show up as it's past.

6. Calendar View

  •   Calendar will show past events ( events color can be customized to show past/future/current in different colors).
  • Past event link opens course session page for guest and users not enrolled in the events, as event is now not available for enrollment. ( This behavior works if course session access type is paid for a past event).

7. User flow

  • New Users ( Not subscribed to event earlier)

User can click past event link from calendar or course session link from catalog to enroll in course session, User will be taken to registration page ( if not signed in) and after registration user will be taken to payment page ( if non zero price associated with course session) otherwise user will get enrolled directly course session.

  • User registered in the event 

Users those have registered in the event can access events detail page from calendar. Event details page will show event as finished and using message placed in big banner user can access course session (recording).

User's dashboard - enrolled courses list also has a launch icon to view recording placed in course.