Recurring Payment (Subscription) based Trainings

This article describes how to offer recurring payment based courses or training programs.


Currently we are supporting recurring payment thru integration only. But we will support other payment providers (like PayPal as well soon). This feature is available as part of the  advanced e-commerce add-on.

Step 1: Enable the Recurring Payment feature

Step 2: Once you setup a course session or program session, edit it and make the access type = Paid. In the payment setting, you can specify a price that will be charged per month, and you can optionally specify when should the payment begin (like in case you want to give a trial period of few days). If you don't specify this then payment will begin as soon as the

Purchase Flow

During the purchase, users would see the screen with clear indication of recurring payment. 

Any coupon code they use would get applied on the recurring subscription cost (e.g. Monthly)

Once the submitted information is accepted by payment provider, a confirmation will be shown and user would get access to the course immediately.

Note that payment providers might delay charging the user immediately even if subscription is starting right away (no trial period is specified) but access to the course will be granted immediately. At present, we do not handle cancellation / recurring payment failure scenario that may happen in future. In those cases you would get a notification from payment provider and you can cancel the user's recurring payment subscription directly from Merchant interface in the payment provider's application. For each recurring payment subscription, EduBrite will capture a subscription id, that is returned by the payment provider, and you can view it from Payment Transactions listing. EduBrite's locally generated invoice id can also be seen in corresponding subscription profile created in payment provider's system for correlation.